Living God’s Love 2020

SADBF AR 2015 p3a

Diocesan Synod has agreed the way forward for Living God’s Love

In 2011, the parishes, schools and chaplaincies of the Diocese of St Albans set off on a shared journey of Living God’s Love.

Where have we got to in 2015? What have we learnt? Where are we heading next? How are we going to get there?

We have been considering these questions together as part of a Diocese-wide listening exercise.

Diocesan Synod heard and agreed the findings of this exercise and the proposed way forward on October 17th 2015.

The Power Point presentation that the Synod was shown has been produced in two parts, each about 15 MB to show to congregations, PCCs, Clergy Chapters or Deanery Synods, with the audio of the presentation from Synod.

The first half is about the listening exercise and its findings:

LGL2020 Synod 10.15 pt1 show (download this file and watch the presentation. You will need Microsoft Powerpoint)

The second half is about Living God’s Love 2020, the way ahead for Living God’s Love for the next five years.

LGL2020 Synod 10.15 pt2 show (download this file and watch the presentation. You will need Microsoft Powerpoint)

The accompanying papers that went to Synod, referred to in the presentations,  are included below:

Two-sided summary of Living God’s Love 2020:

Part 1 Synod paper

The full paper that went to Synod: Living God’s Love 2020, ‘The next stage of our journey’:

Part 2 Synod paper

The full findings from the listening exercise:

Part 3 Synod paper

Deanery Celebration Events are now being planned for later this year – and publicity for these events is now available.


You can download the items here also:

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