SeeRound Online August 2016 Issue 7
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Refreshing Living God’s Love: Being a church of which everyone feels part

This autumn, the whole of St Albans’ Diocese will be infused and enthused by hearing about and celebrating the great things that God is doing through Living God’s Love in each parish and every deanery. And because every deanery is different, each of the twenty events will be different.
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The 4 values of Living God's Love

Revd Canon Tim Lomax, Director of Mission writes:

Canon Tim Lomax

Archbishop Justin Welby’s message to the International Messy Church Conference was: “We need to be a church where everyone feels they are part of it and everyone comes in and can discover God and discover who Jesus is. I want to encourage you to go on pushing out the boundaries, being flexible, being imaginative, being in a circle of love that joins people with Christ at the centre.’

This is equally a message for every parish and church within our diocese. It’s a call to be creative in mission, to join with God as he reaches out to the world in love. It’s a call to be committed to evangelism, to proclaim the gospel of Christ confidently in this generation. It’s a call to be intentional about church growth, and to nurture disciples of Christ.

Our Living God’s Love vision is our way of articulating a commitment to mission and church growth in every place across the diocese. Building on this commitment, this special edition of See Round highlights something of the strategy, tools, events and projects being made available to enable us to continue Living God’s Love…”

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