Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

SeeRound Online May 2018

Two ordinands, four feet, sixty miles!

Vanessa Hadley-Spencer and Kirsty Borthwick

Vanessa Hadley-Spencer and Kirsty Borthwick (above) are two of St Albans Diocese’s ordinands in training, studying at Westcott House, Cambridge.

With laudable loyalty they decided to attend the Easter Monday Pilgrimage. With some courage and not a little style, they decided they would walk, as pilgrims must have for centuries.

Setting off on Good Friday after the meditation at a Cambridge church (St Bene’t’s) they arrived in St Albans on Monday morning, in good time for the pilgrimage to begin.

Bishop Alan rewarded them with ‘Real Easter Eggs,’ for having walked the furthest to get to the pilgrimage.

With some of the most inclement weather for the Easter Monday Pilgrimage for some years, pilgrimage picnics took place inside the cathedral, not in the Abbey Orchard. Many others had made long pilgrimages in cold and rain and altogether around 900 people had come to celebrate the Resurrection. One young pilgrim had walked in the rain from Bromham that morning. Some pilgrims were attending for the first time, in the case of the group from the University of Hertfordshire, with their Chaplain, the Revd Fiona Souter. They walked in close company with a group from some Hatfield churches.

It was also the Sub-Dean of the Cathedral’s first pilgrimage and she had agreed to preach.

The poor weather did not diminish pilgrims enthusiasm for loudly singing out in celebration of our risen Lord.

Easter Monday Pilgrimage Easter Monday Pilgrimage

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