Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Bishop Michael Gets the Jab and Gives Back in Thankfulness

Bishop Michael, Bishop of Hertford, being vaccinated by Daniel, a nurse at the Stevenage Vaccination Centre, United Kingdom

Speaking after receiving his Covid-19 vaccination, Bishop Michael, the Bishop of Hertford, said:

“I’m hugely grateful to our National Health Service for making it possible for me to receive the COVID Jab at their vaccination centre in Stevenage this morning. It’s amazing to have received protection from COVID that is safe, effective and that helps protect others too. None of us are safe until we’re all safe. If you’ve not yet been vaccinated, I hope so much that you’ll take that opportunity when it comes, just as I did today.

I’m astonished at the rate at which the vaccine has been rolled out here in the United Kingdom. But in the COVID-19 vaccine race, we either win together or lose together. So my mind has of course immediately turned to people who live where access to vaccines is much more limited.

I love the idea of ‘vaccine twinning’ – of giving in thankfulness for our own vaccinations so that either vaccines can be purchased for countries that need then or to support people living in communities that have been severely affected by the pandemic. In response to having received the jab, I’ve therefore made donations today to two causes:

  • The COVAX fund which is buying and delivering vaccines to countries around the world – you may have seen their first work taking place this week in Ghana. COVAX is being generously supported by the UK Government but individuals can contribute too here.
  • Christian Aid has an appeal for humanitarian relief in support of communities overseas affected by COVID that just don’t have the kind of social safety nets that we’re used here in the United Kingdom. Donations to their appeal can be made here.

One of the volunteers at the vaccination centre this morning said to me that she though the speed at which vaccines have been developed and are being rolled out here in the UK is a miracle. In the Gospel, Jesus’s miracles were never something that people kept to themselves. If you’re offered the jab, I encourage you to share in it too. If you’ve had the jab, I encourage you to share out of your gratitude so that others can be protected as well.”

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