Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Bishop Paul to be confirmed as next Bishop of Liverpool

The Archbishop of York, The Most Revd Dr John Sentamu will confirm the election of the Rt Revd Paul Bayes, currently the Bishop of Hertford, as Bishop of Liverpool at a special service at York Minster later today, 23rd July.

The confirmation of the election by the College of Canons of the Diocese of Liverpool marks the next step of Bishop Paul’s journey towards his installation at Liverpool Cathedral on November 15th.

The legal formalities, which form part of a service in the Minster, will mean that Bishop Paul will have the spiritual jurisdiction over the Diocese of Liverpool. It will have the effect that Bishop Paul can sign as Bishop of Liverpool. He will then be able to start making private preparations ahead of his public ministry which starts in November.

This process links the modern day church to its ancient traditions. The act of confirming the election dates back to at least the fourth century. The act reflects the importance the wider church places on the discernment of a new Bishop.

The confirmation basically ensures that the legal processes have been properly and carefully carried out. It is also the moment when Bishop Paul will take his oaths of allegiance and canonical obedience. He will also make his declaration of assent.

It is an important occasion. It is the moment that legally the Bishop elect becomes the Bishop of Liverpool.

Following the confirmation Bishop Paul will start preparations for his public ministry in the Diocese of Liverpool. Over the next months he will be able to move into his residence and will be recruiting his personal staff. He will also be holding private meetings with a number of key people.

In the autumn the Bishop will complete the other formal stage of the process where he pays homage to Her Majesty the Queen in a brief private ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Bishop Paul’s public engagements will begin in November as he embarks on a week long tour of the Diocese ahead of his installation at the Cathedral on November 15th.

Bishop Paul said “I’m thrilled to be at the point of becoming Bishop of Liverpool but awed and humbled by the sense of responsibility that entails. I thank God that I am one more step along this extraordinary journey. I am now able to prepare in more detail for my ministry starting in November. It’s good now to be able to concentrate fully on what lies ahead and I pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as I enter the next phase of this adventure.”

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