Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Weekday Conference 2021

Seminar Information

Our Called to Hope conference includes a strand of five seminars, listed below, from which you will be invited to join three. All have been designed to be interactive and encouraging, underpinned with theological grounding. We’ll hear stories of success, and discover resources that could further equip us and our congregations for ministry in our own contexts. See the table below for venues.

Fringe Events – there are also a number of Fringe Events on the Tuesday evening.  Click here for details and venues.

Hope for Wholeness  – work, rest and pray
Led by Archdeacon Dave, Suzanne Clackson, a Counsellor and Chris Swain, Chair of Support in Ministry (SIM)
The aim of the seminar is to consider how clergy can maintain healthy rhythms of prayer, work and rest to protect and nurture their personal wellbeing and so flourish in their ministry.  There will be opportunities to hear from others, spend some time considering their personal wellness, and to discuss any insights they are willing to share.

Hope for Creation
Led by Emma Critchley, DAC Secretary and Tim Lomax, Director of Mission and Ministry

Both across the Church of England and within the Diocese, we are committed to helping to limit any further damage to God’s Creation by reaching Net Zero Carbon by 2030, but what does that mean for us? What are parishes already doing? How can we engage our congregations and wider communities in Eco Church and other initiatives giving a framework for the practical actions that demonstrate the message of the Gospel? We will have inspiring stories to share, as well as practical scenarios to discuss and ideas to take home. The actions taken by every church will make a difference and, through working together, we can bring progress and lasting change.

Hope for All People
Led by Will Gibbs, Diocesan Living in Love and Faith Advocate, and Jairo Nyaongo, Bishops Adviser for Minority Ethnic Concerns

From the Gospels it is clear that the ministry of Jesus crossed boundaries of every type. How can the Church today reflect this desire to be a sign and source of hope for all people? Participants will be encouraged to seek a deeper appreciation that the Church can and must be a place where all can grow in faith and thrive, irrespective of their background.

Hope for Mission
Led by Flourishing Churches and Reaching New People teams

Exploring what ‘Hope for Mission’ will look like for our own context/parishes as we move forward into this new space after the pandemic, we explore through scripture and story what hope means for us now and how we can encourage our churches to join in with this Mission of Hope for all people.

Hope of Growing Younger
Led by Margaret Pritchard Houston, Children’s Mission Enabler and Christian Cole, Youth Missioner
What hope can Christianity offer children and those who care for them, in a world that seems full of disaster and cynicism? What hope can children and those who care for them offer to us – to our own faith, our churches, and our communities? How can we build relationships with families and explore our faith journeys together?  What experiences from your teenage years would you hope today’s young people could also experience? What experiences from your teenage years do you hope young people won’t face today?

Let’s reflect together on how we can communicate the story of our faith to this generation and how churches can continue to be places where young people discover the love of God in a disrupted and anxious world.

We are grateful for the support of Ecclesiastical who are sponsoring the conference.

Seminar titleLeader(s)Venue
Hope for Wholeness: work, rest and prayArchdeacon Dave, Suzanne Clackson, and Chris SwainChapel
Hope for CreationEmma Critchley and Tim LomaxButterley Hall 2
Hope for All PeopleWill Gibbs, Jairo NyaongoDerbyshire Hall
Hope for MissionAlison Jackson, Dan Drew, Harry Steele and Paul DaviesMain Meeting Hall
Hope of Growing YoungerMargaret Pritchard Houston, Chris ColeButterley Hall 1

Fringe Events on Tuesday Evening, 8.15 – 9.15 pm

2Room 2The Gift of ProphecyPeter Kayno maxThe last few decades have seen a growing awareness of charismatic gifts, including the gift of prophecy. Whether it's new to you or you're more experienced this session, which includes both teaching and practical elements, aims to introduce and encourage you in this beautiful, useful and powerful gift of the Spirit.
4Room 8Encountering other faiths right where we areDavid Kesterton and Tony Rindl20Suitable for parishes in all settings.
5Room 7Does God have a Sense of Humour?Steve Marshno maxFor anyone who preaches and would like to build confidence in using humour to communicate the Good News.
6Amber Room/LakesidePoetry, Prayer, Labyrinths and Puppet ResourcesAustin Janesno maxA talk with resources for sale. Please bring cash.
7Tissington Room/LakesideDiocesan Evangelical FellowshipPeter Ackroyd30Meeting of the Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship with refreshments.
8Derwent Room/LakesideThe Church, Christianity and the VirusAndrew Goodman25A discussion led online by Revd. Dr Jamie Franklin host of the Irreverend Faith and Current Affairs Podcast
9Reading RoomSocial Media for Mission and Growth@diostalbans (Twitter Account of Diocese)10If you use social media, come and say hello to @diostalbans; if you don’t use social media, come and tell @diostalbans why you don’t!


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