Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Confirmations 2018

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BpStA – Bishop of St Albans, BpB – Bishop of Bedford, BpH – Bishop of Hertford, JG – John Gladwin (Hon.Asst.Bishop), SV – Stephen Venner  (Hon.Asst.Bishop), RS – Robin Smith (Hon.Asst.Bishop).

Date Day Time Bishop  Deanery Venue HC
07-Jan Sunday 10.30 am BpStA Watford Watford, St Mary yes
21-Jan Sunday 6.30 pm BpB Luton Slip End, St Andrew yes
28-Jan Sunday 6.30 pm BpH Barnet tbc tbc
05-Feb Monday 7.30 pm BpH Stevenage Gravely, St Mary no
21-Feb Wednesday 7.30 pm BpH Hertford & Ware Ware, St Mary tbc
03-Mar Saturday 10.30 am BpH Haileybury School yes
10-Mar Saturday tba RS Princess Helena College tbc
13-Mar Tuesday eve BpStA Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School tbc
18-Mar Sunday 10.00 am BpH St George’s School, Harpenden yes
18-Mar Sunday 6.30 pm BpStA Rickmansworth Chorleywood, Christ Church no
15-Mar Sunday 10.30 am BpStA Rickmansworth Masonic School yes
31-Mar Saturday tba SV Bedford Elstow, St Mary & St Helena tbc
31-Mar Saturday 8.00 pm BpH St Albans St Albans Cathedral no
22-Apr Sunday 5.00 pm BpH Buntingford East Group – venue tbc tbc
22-Apr Sunday 6.30pm SV Wheathampstead Southdown, St John yes
29-Apr Sunday 5.00 pm BpStA Buntingford West Group – venue tbc tbc
06-May Sunday 6.00 pm BpB Hemel Hempstead Leverstock Green, Holy Trinity yes
08-May Tuesday 8.00 pm BpH Bishop’s Stortford Bishop’s Stortford, St Michael tbc
09-May Wednesday 6.30 pm BpB Luton Stopsley, St Thomas no
10-May Thursday 7.30 pm BpH St Albans Shenley, St Martin no
12-May Saturday 10.30 am BpH Queenswood School yes
12-May Saturday 6.30 pm BpStA St Albans St Albans Cathedral no
13-May Sunday 11.00 am BpB Bedford School yes
15-May Tuesday 7.45 pm BpStA Barnet tbc tbc
15-May Tuesday 7.30 pm BpB Hetford & Ware tbc tbc
16-May Wednesday 7.30 pm BpB Ampthill & Shefford Langford yes
24-May Thursday 7.30 pm BpH Cheshunt Hoddesdon, St Catherine & St Paul yes
10-Jun Sunday 6.30 pm BpH Welwyn & Hatfield Welwyn, St Mary no
10-Jun Sunday 6.30 pm BpB Stevenage Chells, St Hugh & St John yes
14-Jun Wednesday 7.30 pm BpH Hitchin Hitchin, St Mark yes
17-Jun Sunday 6.00 pm BpB Dunstable Eaton Bray, St. Mary’s yes
26-Jun Tuesday 7.30 pm BpB Sharnbrook tbc yes
08-Jul Sunday 10.00 am BpB Berkhamsted Northchurch, St Mary yes
08-Jul Sunday 6.00 pm JG Rickmansworth Croxley Green, All Saints no
06-Sep Thursday 7.30 pm BpB Ampthill & Shefford Arlesey yes
18-Sep Tuesday 7.30 pm BpStA Welwyn & Hatfield tbc tbc
02-Oct Tuesday 7.30 pm BpStA Sharnbrook tbc yes
08-Oct Monday 7.30 pm BpStA Hertford & Ware Hertford, St Andrew tbc
14-Oct Sunday 9.30 am BpStA Watford Bushey, St James yes
14-Oct Sunday 6.30 pm BpH Rickmansworth Chorleywood, St Andrew yes
18-Oct Thursday 7.30 pm BpB Hitchin Wilbury, St Thomas tbc
21-Oct Sunday 6.00 pm BpB Luton Luton, St Andrew yes
27-Oct Saturday 6.30 pm BpB St Albans St Albans Cathedral no
28-Oct Sunday 10.30 pm BpB Biggleswade Sutton, All Saints tbc
28-Oct Sunday 6.30 pm BpStA Rickmansworth Chipperfield, St Paul no
04-Nov Sunday 6.30 pm BpStA St Albans Frogmore, Holy Trinity yes
04-Nov Sunday 7.45 pm BpH Barnet tbc tbc
07-Nov Wednesday 8.00 pm BpStA Bishop’s Stortford Standon, St Mary no
11-Nov Sunday 6.00 pm BpStA Stevenage Stevenage, Holy Trinity no
11-Nov Sunday 6.30 pm BpH Watford Watford, St Luke yes
18-Nov Sunday 6.30 pm RS Hemel Hempstead Boxmoor, St John yes
22-Nov Thursday 7.30 pm BpH Cheshunt Goffs Oak, St James yes
25-Nov Sunday 6.30 pm BpH Bedford Bedford, Christ Church yes
25-Nov Sunday 6.30 pm BpStA Dunstable Dunstable Team – tbc yes
26-Nov Monday 7.30 pm BpB Ampthill & Shefford Ampthill tbc
02-Dec Sunday 10.00 am BpB Biggleswade Biggleswade, St Andrew yes
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