Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Covid-19 Church Buildings Updates

Guidance on websites

This page directs you to a number of websites for guidance.

There are frequent updates in response to changes to government policy, legal regulations and guidance for the Covid-19 situation. Websites should therefore be viewed regularly to see the latest updates.

Many webpages are dated and information may need to be checked if they appear not to have been updated recently. Links to websites may also change and you may have to search for the right Covid-19 webpages. We have included some main web addresses below for that reason. Please get in touch if you have problems finding what you are looking for.

Church of England guidance

The Church of England’s website has this section giving guidance on a range of topics involving church buildings.

It starts with FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) under different headings including Prayer and Worship, Life Events, Community Support, Fabric and Building Maintenance and General. These are followed by a list of Documents giving detailed Guidance, Further Reading and Resources. (Some of the FAQs also take you to these Documents.)

You should scroll down the whole page, investigating the FAQs and Documents to find the information you need. This may take a little time because so much ground is covered in detail. Relevant advice should be read in full before acting on it.

In terms of accessing, opening and preparing church buildings, and inspections, maintenance and repairs, the Fabric and Building Maintenance FAQs are helpful. Risk assessments ahead of reopening are covered under General FAQs. There are a good number of relevant advice Documents under Guidance, Resources and Further Reading.

Ecclesiastical advice

Ecclesiastical Insurance’s website has advice on opening churches after lockdown and other Covid-19 matters here.

Chancellor’s Directions – Public Notices

The Chancellor has issued directions on the display of Public Notices for Faculties in response to governmental guidance to stay at home and the closure of places of worship. Please click here to read the Chancellor’s directions regarding the display of Public Notices.

If you have any questions, please contact the Diocesan Registry.

Grants for church building works

Information on how grants and grant-aided projects for church buildings work will be affected by the pandemic plus other support from funders is given in this COVID-19 Update.

Delivering services online

Advice on streaming and recording services, equipment and technical requirements including for broadband, permissions and sources of information is given in this note.

In all cases where services or other events are being broadcast on the internet or through the use of social media platforms either by livestreaming or recorded for later transmission, it is important that the PCC thinks through and documents its policy and good practice concerning the issues that may arise. Click here to see guidance and suggested wording for the PCC policy and practice relating to livestreaming.

Other guidance

Government guidance on re-opening church and other community halls is given in Covid 19: Safe use of multi-purpose community facilities.

Advice on grants for Covid-19 related work supporting community and faith activities and possibly church hall income along with general fundraising advice is here.

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