Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Energy Footprint

Energy Footprint Tool

The Energy Footprint section of the Diocesan Portal is now open for 2021 figures.

We have created a User Guide to help you through the process and you might also find the questions below helpful. We have also created a video if you would prefer to go through the Tool in that way.

Upcoming webinars

We have two upcoming webinars to help answer any questions you have about the Energy Footprint Tool and submitting your energy data. For more information and to sign up, take a look at the Events Pages:

How do I access the Tool?

The Energy Footprint Tool is available on the Diocesan Portal. Incumbents, churchwardens, Treasurers and others will automatically have access. If you do not have access to the Tool, please contact Joanna Chandler.

Once you have logged into the Portal, the Footprint Tool will be available as an option on the left hand side, labelled Energy Footprint.

What information do I need?

Complete energy bills for 2021 – this should be for gas, electricity, oil or any other fuels.

Visitor numbers and non-service attendance – attendance for services (both Sunday and mid-week) should be pre-populated from your annual returns, but you will need to add non-service and visitor attendance manually. You might need to discuss this with the PCC, or ask another PCC member to estimate average weekly figures. This should include general visitors and other groups who use the church, such as youth groups, pre-schools, Mums & Tots etc. You will also need to estimate how long is spent in the building by individuals on each occasion – including for services – which might also need some discussion.

The building footprint of your church – search the Church Heritage Record and find your church. Open the record for your building and go to the ‘Building’ tab along the top. In most cases, this should show you the building footprint of your church. If this does not contain a number, please contact Joanna Chandler.

What results should I get?

At the moment, we are collecting data from 2021 and the form will not show you any results. This data will help us better understand energy usage across the Diocese and build a better national picture. We will then help you work towards reducing your energy footprint.

What about other buildings in the parish?

At the moment, the form is primarily designed for church buildings. Please do include the data from any church halls, offices or similar spaces if they are part of the same building as the main worship space, especially if they have the same energy bills, but make sure that the additional spaces are included in the building footprint, where possible. If you have separate buildings with separate bills, please fill in the Church Hall Registration form, available as a link in the Energy Footprint section of the Portal. We will then add the hall to our system so it appears in the list of buildings in the parish [please note that it may take a few days for us to update the system].

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