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Grants for roof alarms

Roof alarm grants are now available. If your church has a metal roof then you are likely to be vulnerable to theft and need full insurance cover – get a grant-aided roof alarm now!

Archdeacons have been flagging up the importance of protecting metal church roofs following numbers of thefts in the diocese.

Our Information Note:

  • Highlights the theft of metal roofs as the number one security threat to churches
  • Explains why metal roofs should be protected by roof alarms and marking – to deter theft and give full insurance cover for external metal
  • Says why you should apply for a roof alarm grant now – new grants of £1,000 to £2,000 are available until the end of 2018 following a major contribution from the Allchurches Trust to the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Historic Churches Trust
  • Gives important background information – on theft, alarms, insurance and general security which should be read before making grant applications

The Information Note describes the grants available for roof alarms through the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Historic Churches Trust. Further funding of up to £1,000 from the Diocesan Board of Finance is currently available but will only cover the first few churches that apply.

Click Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire HCT and Diocesan Board of Finance for the two application forms and supporting notes.

The Information Note also mentions our metal risk survey form  which helps you identify the vulnerability of external metal in your church.

Advice from Historic England on metal theft from historic buildings is found here .



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