Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Diocesan Secretary takes up post

Bishop Alan welcomes David White, Diocesan Secretary as he takes up his post:

“I warmly welcome him. He is a worthy successor to Canon Susan Pope and he will assist us in our commitment to love and serve the communities of the diocese in Christ’s service.”

David White, Diocesan Secretary responds:

“It is my privilege to take up the role of Diocesan Secretary from the beginning of October and I am grateful for the warm welcome I have received from Bishop Alan and many others.

I am taking up this role at the most extraordinary time in the life of the church, our nation and the world. We appear to be finally emerging from COVID-19 and the restrictions designed to reduce the spread and impact of the pandemic. The most significant features include certainty – that our loving God is constant and wants us to share his love with each other and those that we serve; and also uncertainty – what life in our churches will look like this month, in a year’s time and beyond.

In this mix of certainty and ambiguity the Diocesan Office will continue to serve and support parishes and people across the diocese – that is what it exists for. As I look forward some change seems certain – although I don’t yet know what this will mean in detail. But with change comes opportunity, particularly to find new and refreshed ways for the outworking of Living God’s Love.

I hope that we can all maintain the best of what we are and embrace whatever challenges and adjustments that lie ahead.

For just over 20 years role the office of Diocesan Secretary was held by Susan Pope. I add my thanks to the praise that has come from so many directions at the time of her retirement, for good order a strong team and for safe stewardship. Of course, I wish Susan well in her retirement.

I come to this office from a background as a voluntary sector manager having led charities of various kinds, including those serving the population within the diocese. Earlier this year I finished four extraordinary years at the Anglican Communion Office serving the Archbishop of Canterbury, member churches around the communion and travelling in every continent. As a father of a small daughter and newly born twin boys there are some advantages in moving away from global travel.

St Albans is my diocese – I live and worship in the diocese and already know something of diocesan life – though I have a vast amount still to learn. This makes this appointment all the more special for me as I commit myself to serve the diocese, our churches and our people.”


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