Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Ad Clerum

Ad Clerum Index

1.       Ministerial Life

1.1     Episcopal Partnership
1.2     Moving on
1.3     Pastoral care of the Church’s ministers
1.4     Complaints procedure
1.5     Clergy holidays
1.6     Deanery Chapter
1.7     Deployment of SSMs after Ordination
1.8     Youth worker/ministries
1.9     Clergy (Ordination) Measure 1990
1.91   Spiritual direction

2.       Pastoral Issues
2.1     Healing and deliverance ministry – amended September 2016
2.3     Terrorist incidents
2.4     Pastoral care of retired clergy

3.       Public Worship

3a      Baptism and Confirmation

3a.1    Administration of infant baptism
3a.2    Reception of Roman Catholics into the Church of England
3a.3    Preparation at school of candidates for confirmation
3a.4    Change of name at confirmation

3b      Marriage
3b.2    Remarriage in church of divorced persons with a partner still living
3b.3    Conduct of marriages by those in Deacon’s Orders
3b.4    Services of prayer & dedication after civil marriage
3b.7    Gender Recognition Act

3c      Communion
3c.1    Lay Administration of the elements of Holy Communion – updated January 2016
3c.2    Infectious illness and the chalice 
3c.3    Admission to Holy Communion of members of other Churches
3c.4    Public Worship with Communion by Extension

3e      General
3e.1    Authorisation of ministries in the local congregation
3e.1b  The Authorisation of Local Ministry Development Teams. (LMDTs)
3e.2    Assistant ministers in the vacancy of a benefice
3e.3    Assistant ministers in the vacancy of a team or group ministry
3e.4    Authorisation of Ministry in the Church of England – added February 2018

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  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities