Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Board for Mission and Ministry

The Board for Mission and Ministry was established by Synod in September 2017, to take effect from January 2018.

The overarching aim of this Board is to develop flourishing Christ-centred communities and has responsibility for facilitating the Diocesan vision, Living God’s Love, in keeping with the three named themes of:

  • Going Deeper into God –
    • Making recommendations to Bishop’s Council on the development of a strategy for Ordained and Lay ministry, including encouraging vocations, education, training and review, and facilitating the implementation of those strategies approved by the Council.
    • Providing training and resources to enhance and develop the quality of worship.
    • Promoting generous giving of time, talents and money in God’s service..
  • Making New Disciples –
    • Making recommendations to Bishop’s Council on the development of strategies for work with children and young people, and facilitating the implementation of those strategies approved by the Council.
    • Providing opportunities and resources for developing nurture courses and reaching out to those unconnected to the church.
    • Developing and supporting pioneer ministry and fresh expressions of church.
  • Transforming Communities –
    • Helping parishes engage in social action that addresses local needs.
    • Confronting injustice through education and advocacy.
    • Providing resources and support to help protect the vulnerable and the environment.

In all its’ endeavours, the Board seeks to promote the diocesan values of generosity, joy, imagination and courage.

In the Autumn of 2020, the separate departments of Mission and Ministry were merged into one, bringing benefits of enhanced communication, clarification of diocesan priorities and closer team-working.  Areas of work led by this newly merged department include Vocations, Mission Action Planning, Ministerial Training opportunities, Reaching New People, Generous Giving and Social Responsibility engagement.

The Mission and Ministry Department is led by the Diocesan Director of Mission and Ministry.


The Board’s Membership shall consist of:

  • A Chairman appointed by the Bishop;
  • Ex-officio – A Suffragan Bishop if not the Chairman;
  • Ex-officio – one Archdeacon if not the Chairman;
  • Six members elected by the Diocesan Synod, three of whom are clergy and three laity with at least one member from each archdeaconry and at least four of whom are members of Diocesan Synod;
  • Up to six members, of whom three are members of Diocesan Synod, appointed for their particular skills by the Bishop’s Council in consultation with the Chairman of the Board.

The Board is to meet at least three times per annum, and six members shall constitute a quorum.

The Board may establish sub-committees in specific areas of the Board’s work, and appoint or co-opt members, provided that at least three members are members of the Board, of whom one will be Chairman, and the members of the Board are in the majority.

Officers and a minute secretary may attend meetings of the Board and its sub-committees as determined by the Chairman of the Board.

Responsibility and Reporting:

Responsibility for policy lies ultimately with the Bishop and Diocesan Synod, generally mediated through the Bishop’s Council.  It is the responsibility of the Council to initiate, shape and steer strategies and policies in the light of the overall strategy of the diocese, and to have oversight of the work of the officers reporting to the Board in implementing those strategies and policies.  It is the responsibility of the Chair of the Board to communicate with and consult the Bishop on issues of significance and to report regularly to the Bishop’s Council.

The Board of Finance is the financial executive of the Synod responsible for the management of the Synod’s fund and the employment of all persons in receipt of salaries paid from those funds.  The Board for Mission and Ministry is responsible for the day-to-day management of its budget, as approved by Synod.


Chairman: The Bishop of Hertford

Ex-Officio: The Bishop of Hertford; the Archdeacon of St Albans

Elected from Synod: The Revd Lucy Davis, The Rev’d Canon Elizabeth Hughes, The Rev’d Ysmena Pentelow, Mrs Janet Bird, Mr Philip Habershon, Mrs Patricia Humber

Appointed by Bishop’s Council: The Revd Charles Hudson, Mr Christopher Carr, Mrs Elaine Gold, Miss Brittany Webb, Mrs Claire Banham, The Rev’d Jairo Nyaongo.

Dates of Meetings in 2021:

Wednesday 24 February
Monday 26 April
Wednesday 23 June
Monday 27 September
Monday 22 November


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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities