Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Diocesan Board of Finance

This is a statutory body, established under the Diocesan Boards of Finance Measure 1925 and, as required by that Measure, a company registered under the Companies Act. It is also a registered Charity and members are therefore Charity trustees. The Board acts as the financial executive of the Diocesan Synod, is responsible for preparing the annual budget and accounts of the Diocese, and acts in accordance with the policy and directives of the Synod.

The principal aim of the Board of Finance is the promotion of the work of the Church of England in the Diocese of St Albans which covers Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Luton and part of the London Borough of Barnet.  This objective is achieved by the collection of contributions from parishes via the Parish Share to support parochial mission and ministry, primarily by paying and housing parochial clergy, and supporting the statutory and non-statutory work of the Diocese.

The Board holds properties and investments in support of the clergy in the Diocese and also as Custodian Trustee on behalf of parish and church school trusts.  It is responsible for the management of glebe land and other property, including some 237 parsonage houses, houses occupied by diocesan officials, and Holywell Lodge.

The Board deals with a range of other matters such as risk management, contracts for buildings and services, insurance, pensions, and the employment of the Board’s staff.

In addition to the support of local Anglican churches, the Board also works in partnership with other denominations in both local and countrywide ecumenical projects.

The Board normally meets four times a year at 5.30pm in the Diocesan Office in St Albans, but in the first year of the triennium there is an additional meeting in January for the purpose of appointing the Board’s Committees.

Download latest set of audited Report and Accounts

Membership (2019-2021) :

Chairman Mr Colin Bird
Elected by the House of Clergy:  The Reverend Dr Sam Cappleman, the Reverend Canon Dr  Peter Ackroyd, and four vacancies
Elected by Deanery Synods: Mr C Gage, Mr N Challis, Mr J Robinson, Dr R Southern, Mr M Readman, Mrs M Butcher, Dr M Eaton, Mrs P Easterbrook, Mr J Butler, Mr C Bird, Mr M Gates, Mr K Ebbage, Mrs K Smith, Dr D Dallinger, Mr D Clark and five vacancies
Nominated by the Bishop:  The Archdeacon of St Albans, The Archdeacon of Bedford, The Archdeacon of Hertford, Mr Andrew Brown and two vacancies
Co-opted by the Board: Mr T Fleming, Mr R Lindley and Mr B Crawford

Officers in attendance:Mr David White
Director of Finance: Mr Glyn Barker
Estates Secretary: Mr Iain Blythe
Synodical & Pastoral Officer: Mrs Sue Luckhurst

St Albans Diocesan Board of Finance is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales: No.145227.
Registered Office:  Holywell Lodge, 41 Holywell Hill, St Albans AL1 1HE
Registered as a charity in England and Wales: No. 248887

Diocesan Board of Finance Constitution

Dates of Meetings in 2021:

Monday 18 January
Monday 22 February
Monday 17  May – AGM
Monday 5 July
Monday 8 November

The Board has six main committees:-

General Committee
Property Committee
Glebe Committee
Parish Shares and Grants Committee
Assets Committee
Audit Committee

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