Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Property Committee

The Property Committee oversees the management of parsonage houses by

  • ensuring the Board meets its statutory duty to carry out repairs
  • unsuitable houses are replaced where possible
  • improving properties
  • realising development potential of sites
  • selling houses no longer required
  • letting houses during vacancies
  • providing new houses where required.

The Committee also deals with the Board’s own properties. It includes some members elected directly by the House of Laity of the Synod and by the clergy of the diocese, in addition to others appointed by the Bishop and by the Board of Finance. It meets about 7 times a year during the daytime.


Chair: Mr J Butler   Vice Chair: Mr C Bird

Ex-officio: The Archdeacons, Mr C Bird (Chairman of the DBF), Mr T Fleming (Vice Chairman of the DBF)

Appointed:   Dr D Dallinger,  [three clergy vacancies and two lay vacancies]

House of Clergy – The Rev’d G Scott, the Rev’d L Williams, The Rev’d K Woolmer
House of Laity – Mr J Butler [Chairman of the Property Committee], Mr D Lambert, Mr J Robinson

In Attendance:  Mr I Blythe, Mrs E Pazzi-Axworthy

Dates of meetings in 2020:

Tuesday 11 February
Tuesday 31 March
Tuesday 19 May
Tuesday 14 July
Tuesday 8 September
Tuesday 3 November


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