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Every day, throughout our churches much valued work with children, young people and vulnerable groups is carried out by people, often on a voluntary basis. The contribution they make in nurturing and guiding our children in the Christian way of life can never be over estimated.

Sadly it is a fact that adults will attempt to infiltrate any organisation to abuse children or young people. The church is probably no more vulnerable than other organisations, but is unique in its ministry to both those who have been abused and those who have abused. We therefore need to create and maintain a culture of informed vigilance to safeguard and promote the welfare of our children.

This can be achieved by a number of means, the most relevant to this document being SAFE RECRUITMENT and RESPONDING APPROPRIATELY and PROPORTIONATELY to concerns about a child or young person, or concerns about the behaviour of an adult towards a child, or children or young person.

The following is intended to provide ease of reference for designated Safeguarding Co-ordinators and Lead Recruiters, and those with a responsibility to select both volunteers and employed people who will have regular contact with, and a duty of care for children within the church community.

It is envisaged that parishes will adapt this when formulating their own policy. The document can be supplemented to meet local requirements.

This guidanceĀ is not intended to be exhaustive and further advice or guidance will always be available from the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser (who deals not only with children and young persons, but also vulnerable adult issues and is available, at any reasonable time, for advice and guidance).

Further guidance to be made available on the website is being prepared and will soon be available. For details of the National Child Protection Policy click here.




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