Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Community and Justice Network (CJN)  

Transforming Communities‘ is one of the 3 key strands of our ‘Living God’s Love’ strategy.  The CJN supports initiatives and projects of this nature, seeking to make known God’s love and His Kingdom values, among our local communities.

CJN Support Fund

This Fund is offered to support new Projects, Action or Initiatives that directly seek to address issues of local concern and need.  Each year, grants from the CJN Support Fund can be awarded to help start-up new work  – to apply, please use this CJN Support Application Form

  • How much is a CJN Support Grant?   Typically, between £200 and £600  (full details of the project/action are requested on the application form, and there is some discretion to approve a higher amount,  if appropriate)
  • Who can apply? 
    • Parish Churches
    • Local Charities
    • Community Groups


“What’s Going On?” – 3 sessions to help us stop and think:

Tuesday eves 7.30-8.30pm:   21 December,  4 January & 11 January

Whatever you feel about the ‘COVID age’ we find ourselves in, we would all agree that the world has been turned upside down.   It is unsettling to say the least; for some it is deeply stressful, even disastrous.

The aim of these sessions is to help us think through what God has to say about some of the aspects of life in our new society. There are many, diverse opinions out there.   It is easy to fall out with people, even with those closest to us, over political decisions.  Sometimes, we prefer to just ‘bury our heads in the sand’ rather than get involved in arguments.  But we find ourselves no wiser, and therefore no less stressed.

These Zoom sessions are aimed neither to be divisive, nor to settle on a bland, meaningless middle ground.  Instead, they are to help us

consider differing points of view in a balanced, reasonable way. We will consider some passages from the Bible to help us find secure

foundations, so that we can gain confidence as we face a controversial and confusing world.

Led by Revd. Andrew Goodman, Bishop’s Adviser – Healing and Freedom

Register here:  WHAT’S GOING ON?

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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities