Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Daily Prayers

Regular prayer diary

17th August, Hitchin Offley Terrance Bell, (R) Sara Smith, (LLWs) Lorraine Burt, Susan Pearce, Geoffrey Mercer

Thanksgiving: For all those we reached through our Patronal Festival Celebrations.
Prayers: For even more growth in our Messy Church and God’s blessings on all the families who attend.
ACP: Fond du Lac (ECUSA): Matthew Alan Gunter; Fort Worth (ECUSA): Scott Mayer

18th August, Hitchin Pirton Mary de Salis, (Rs) Gena Edwards, Margaret Johnson 

Thanksgiving: Furthering links and trust with the village school.
Prayers: For starting a new congregation wide bible study course. 
ACP: Gambia (West Africa, West Africa): James Allen Yaw Odico

19th August, Hitchin Radwell

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: The Church of South India (United): Thomas Kanjirappally Oommen Moderator of CSI & Bishop of Madhya Kerala

20th August, Hitchin St Ippolyts

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Gboko ( Abuja, Nigeria): Emmanuel Nyitsse

21st August, Hitchin St Paul’s Walden Elizabeth Bunker, (R) Dawn Jenkins

Thanksgiving: For the good links between our two churches and the community.
Prayers: For the parish as we enter a new phase when Elizabeth retires.
ACP: George (Southern Africa): Brian Marajh

22nd August, Hitchin Stotfold

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Georgia (ECUSA): Scott Benhase

23rd August, Hitchin Wilbury Barry Pate, (PTO) Wendy Heaney, (R) Peter Willcox

Thanksgiving: Give thanks for 80th Anniversary Celebrations.
Prayers: Pray for the Mission and Fresh Expression imitative’s.  
ACP: Gippsland (Australia): Philip Muston (Administrator); Grafton (Australia): Vacant

24th August, Hitchin Willian

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Gitega (Burundi): John Nduwayo; Coadjutor Bishop (Burundi): Aimé Joseph Kimararungu

25th August, Luton Biscot, Holy Trinity Thomas Singh

Thanksgiving: Thank God for 150 years of witness in this Parish.
Prayers: Guidance and inspiration for mission work in the Parish.
ACP: Glasgow & Galloway (Scotland): Gregor Duncan

26th August, Luton Bushmead

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: The Anglican Church of Southern Africa; Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Capetown and Primate of Southern Africa

27th August, Luton Caddington Rob O’Neill, Sharon Smith

Thanksgiving: For the new focus on mission following a LYCiG Local course being run in the church.
Prayers: The courage and resources to fulfil a bold Mission Action Plan to increase our welcome, discipleship and communications.
ACP: Gloucester: Rachel Treweek; Suff - Tewkesbury: Robert Springett

28th August, Luton Farley Hill, St John the Baptist Rob O’Neill, Sharon Smith

Thanksgiving: For the continued growth of mission and numbers and for the establishing of new church structures.
Prayers: Funding for a new building project that will enable us to expand our ministry to the poor and increase opportunities for worship and discipleship.
ACP: Gombe (Jos, Nigeria): Henry Ndukuba; Goma (Congo): Kadhoro Desire Makanirwa

29th August, Luton Leagrave, St Luke Grace Sentamu Baverstock, Jessica McLaren, (Rs) Linda Oliver, Annietta Stapleton, Gena Turland

Thanksgiving: For the Fresh summer mission carried out during August in Hockwell Ring park.
Prayers: For our discernment as we come to the end of the Mission Shaped Ministry course and as we embark on a listening project to better understand the needs of our community as we seek to reach new people in new ways.
ACP: Grahamstown (Southern Africa): Ebenezer Ntlali

30th August, Luton Luton

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Guadalcanal (Melanesia): Nathan Tome; Hanuato'o (Melanesia): Alfred Karibongi

31st August, Luton Luton, All Saints with St Peter David Kesterton, Jo Burke

Thanksgiving: For the ministry of Jo among us and the contributions that she brings to our church and parish
Prayers: That we can build strong and respectful working relationships with the other Churches who use our buildings
ACP: Guatemala (Central America): Armando Guerra Soria; Guatemala (Central America): Silvestre Romero

1st September, Diocesan Board of Education The Diocesan Schools Team, members of the Board of Education and its committees, the Diocese of St Albans Educational Trust and the Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust.

Thanksgiving: For the headteachers and senior leaders who lead our 136 church schools and for all staff who tirelessly work to make Church schools distinctive Christian communities that serve the common good.
Prayers: For the Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust, its Directors and interim CEO, Charlotte Johnson, as the Trust advertises for a permanent CEO. Pray also for the DBE and its Director and staff team as they work together to set the strategic aims and priorities for the new triennium.
ACP: Guildford: Andrew Watson; Suff - Dorking: Jo Bailey Wells

2nd September, Cathedral Schools Team Steve Clarke (Education Officer), learning staff and volunteers

Thanksgiving: For the 14,000 school visits which took place last year.
Prayers: For preparations to move into the new learning facilities in the Cathedral Chapter House as part of Alban Britain’s First Saint.
ACP: The Anglican Church of South America; Gregory Venables, Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of South America & Bishop of Argentina

3rd September, Luton Luton, St Andrew Grantley Finlayson, (PTO) Gladys Finlayson, (R Emeritus) Delphine Newell, (LLW) Roselyn Forde

Thanksgiving: Patronella Mukuva in training as a Lay Leader of Worship (LLW).
Prayers: Our Confirmation Candidates & the Deanery Confirmation here in October.
ACP: Guinea (West Africa): Jacques Boston

4th September, Luton Luton, St Anne with St Christopher Anne Crosby, (Rs) Sandra Riley, Jan Weedon 

Thanksgiving: For the growing enthusiasm of the parishioners who want to see the church family grow together, and for their growing confidence in exploring how the parish can look outwards and serve the locality.    
Prayers: For those yet to catch the vision,  to experience the love of Christ in such a way that they feel compelled to grow in faith, love and action.  
ACP: Gujarat (North India): Silvans Christian; Kolhapur (North India): Bathuel Tiwade

5th September, Luton Luton, St Augustine, Limbury Jairo Nyaongo, (R) Janna Bond, Alan Jeffs

Thanksgiving: For a positive progress in the formation of a Youth Group.
Prayers: Guidance in the process of installing a new heating system.
ACP: Gusau (Kaduna, Nigeria): John Garba

6th September, Luton Luton, St Francis Nick Grew, Sarah Hancock, (PTOs) Joy Daniels, Tony Sellers, (Rs) Barbara McIntosh, Rod Mason, Allan Kinninmonth

Thanksgiving: All-age services growing, more church members involved with mission to our parish.
Prayers: For a creative response to the proposed E Luton housing devt, good ‘stepping’ stones leading people towards faith.
ACP: Guyana (West Indies): Charles Davidson

7th September, Luton Luton, St Hugh, Lewsey Joseph Pienaar, Andy Gliddon

Thanksgiving: For Sunday Night Football Fresh expression.
Prayers: For new Children & Families Pastor.
ACP: Gwagwalada ( Abuja, Nigeria): Moses Tabwaye

8th September, Luton Luton, St Matthew, High Town

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Haiti (ECUSA): Jean Duracin; Suff - Haiti: Oge Beauvoir

9th September, Luton Luton, St Paul Kate Lomax, (R) Christopher Barnes

Thanksgiving: For the appointment, at last, of our New Vicar the Rev Kate Lomax.
Prayers: For our parish as we look forward to this new chapter in our church Life.
ACP: Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan

10th September, Luton Luton, St Saviour Yenda Smejkal, (PTO) Digby Anderson

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Harare (Central Africa): Chad Gandiya; Luapula (Central Africa): Robert Mumbi

11th September, Luton Marsh Farm Richard Brown SSC

Thanksgiving: For the arrival of Richard Brown as our new parish priest.
Prayers: For the new links being created in the community and the development and vision toward creating a new MAP. 
ACP: Hawaii (ECUSA): Robert Fitzpatrick

12th September, Luton Stopsley, St Thomas David Alexander, Ruth Barr

Thanksgiving: The large numbers of babies being brought for baptism.
Prayers: The new youth program we are starting calling St T's teens.
ACP: Hereford: Richard Frith; Suff - Ludlow: Alistair Magowan

13th September, Luton Streatley Steve Wood, Paolo Di Leo, (R) Teresa Dales, (Chaplain to the East of England Ambulance Service) Lynda Logan, (Lay Minister) Paul Ingram

Thanksgiving: That our church is now open at weekends for visitors and prayer.
Prayers: For the continued outreach of our youth club to the community.
ACP: Highveld (Southern Africa): Charles Mthetheleli May

14th September, Luton Sundon Yenda Smejkal 

Festival: Holy Cross Day
Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Ho (Ghana, West Africa): Matthias Mededues-Badohu

15th September, Luton Woodside, St Andrew Cathy Pullinger

Thanksgiving: For God’s great faithfulness during a period of change and adjustment.
Prayers: That God would give us fruitfulness as we seek to live out his love.
ACP: Honduras (ECUSA): Lloyd Allen

16th September, Rickmansworth Bovingdon Charles Burch, Simon Woodmore, (R) Gill Barrett

Thanksgiving: For new church members as a result of occasional offices.
Prayers: For our work towards church growth.
ACP: Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan; Ezekiel Kumir Kondo, Archbishop of the Province of Sudan & Bishop of Khartoum

17th September, Rickmansworth Chipperfield

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Hpa-an (Myanmar): Saw Stylo

18th September, Rickmansworth Chorleywood, Christ Church

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Huron (Ontario, Canada): Linda Nicholls; Suff - Huron: Terrance Dance; Kootenay (British Columbia & the Yukon, Canada): John Privett

19th September, Rickmansworth Chorleywood, St Andrew Tim Horlock, Joe Sellers, (PTO) Nicky Pledger, (Rs) Alun Price-David, Roy Clayton, Denis Cole

Thanksgiving: For a marvellous and challenging weekend in February along with changes in the services being widely accepted and supported.
Prayers: For wisdom as we move forward together as a church in the Lord’s will; that Joe (our new curate) settles quickly and well.
ACP: Hyderabad (Pakistan): Kaleem John

20th September, Rickmansworth Croxley Green, All Saints Miriam Mugan, David Jones

Thanksgiving: Growth & development of the community lunches and afternoon teas.
Prayers: Our plans for outreach and new ways of being church.
ACP: Ibadan (Ibadan, Nigeria): Joseph Akinfenwa

21st September, Rickmansworth Croxley Green, St Oswald Robert Riley-Braley, (Rs) Tony Barton, Magdalena Pletsch

Festival: Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist
Thanksgiving: Much appreciated visit to church of 3 Reception classes from local infants school on subject of prayer.
Prayers: Development of Strategy for Children and Young People, a MAP goal.
ACP: Ibadan North (Ibadan, Nigeria): Segun Okubadejo

22nd September, Rickmansworth Mill End and Heronsgate with West Hyde Simon Cutmore, (Rs) Anne Peat, Maggie Owen, Helen Ford, (LLW) Paul Palmer

Thanksgiving: For all who faithfullly give of themselves in the mission and ministry of the parish.
Prayers: For wisdom as we establish small groups to work on our MAP group areas.
ACP: Ibadan South (Ibadan, Nigeria): Akintunde Popoola

23rd September, Rickmansworth Rickmansworth Deborah Snowball, Scott Talbott, (Meth) Richard Lowson, (R) Michael Baker

Thanksgiving: All who work with children and young people in our church, Primary School and Uniformed Organisations.
Prayers: The housebound who are our 'powerhouses of prayer' for all we do in serving the local community.
ACP: The Anglican Church of Tanzania; Mpwapwa (Tanzania): Vacant

24th September, Rickmansworth Sarratt

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Ibba (Minye, South Sudan): Wilson Elisa Kamani

25th September, Sharnbrook Bletsoe

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Idah ( Abuja, Nigeria): Joseph Musa

26th September, Sharnbrook Bolnhurst

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Idaho (ECUSA): Brian Thom; Indianapolis (ECUSA): Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

27th September, Sharnbrook Bromham Paula Vennells, (PTO) Di Harpham

Thanksgiving: For new entrance to church enabling access for all.
Prayers: For new Vicar, either still to be recruited, or newly in post.
ACP: Ideato (Owerri, Nigeria): Caleb Maduoma

28th September, Sharnbrook Carlton with Chellington

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: Idoani (Ondo, Nigeria): Ezekiel Dahunsi

29th September, Sharnbrook Clapham Stephen Liley

Festival: Michael & All Angels
Thanksgiving: A Summer of blessings, incl “Party in the Park”, children’s & OAP’s holiday clubs.
Prayers: Renewing our Vision as a church family aimed at growth numerically, spiritually and in servanthood.
ACP: Ife (Ibadan, Nigeria): Oluwole Odubogun

30th September, Sharnbrook Colmworth

Thanksgiving: For the people of the Parish and the Community they serve
ACP: The Church of the Province of Uganda; Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of Uganda & and Bishop of Kampala


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