Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Daily Prayers

Regular prayer diary

17th August, Hitchin Offley Terrance Bell, (R) Sara Smith, (LLWs) Geoff Mercer, Sue Pearce, Lorraine Burt

Thanksgiving: For our growing and expanding Messy Church, reaching the community with our Village Talk and Tea.
Prayers: For growth in our parish, the renewal of our MAP and the church bringing local stakeholders together.
ACP: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Filadelfo Neto

18th August, Hitchin Pirton Mary Fane de Salis, (Rs) Gena Edwards, Margaret Johnson

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving for the appointment of Mary Fane de Salis to our Benefice.
Prayers: Intercession that empowered by the Holy Spirit we may receive the vision and discernment to enable our Benefice to grow in God’s love.
ACP: Rio Grande (ECUSA): Michael Vono

19th August, Hitchin Radwell

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Perth: Roger Herft; Asst - Perth: Kate Wilmot; Perth Eastern and Rural Region: Tom Wilmot; Perth Goldfields-Country Region: Jeremy James; Riverina (New South Wales, Australia): Rob Gillion

20th August, Hitchin St Ippolyts Ginni Dear, (R) Howell Davies

Thanksgiving: For the new, 18 strong, 'singing group' and their passion to take our faith out into the community.
Prayers: For our joint Benefice 'Away Day' as we come together to re-envision our MAPs.
ACP: Rochester (ECUSA): Prince Singh; Rochester (Canterbury, England): James Langstaff

21st August, Hitchin St Paul’s Walden Elizabeth Bunker, (PTO) Peter Liddell, (R) Dawn Jenkins, Alec Dickinson

Thanksgiving: for the licensing of our new Reader, Dawn.
Prayers: for plans to develop the chapel at All Saints' so that it can be used more.
ACP: Rockhampton (Queensland, Australia): David Robinson

22nd August, Hitchin Stotfold

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rokon (Loryko, Sudan): Francis Loyo Mori

23rd August, Hitchin Wilbury Barry Pate, (PTO) Wendy Heaney, (R) Peter Willcox

Thanksgiving: Cockpit Crew....imaginative ideas for mission and outreach.
Prayers: Plans for 80th birthday celebrations involving community.
ACP: Rorya (Tanzania): John Adiema

24th August, Hitchin Willian Vacant, Amanda Ferris, Gemma Foster, (Rs) Jill Thomson, Tony Glenn, Anne Jenkins, Martin Hannon

Thanksgiving: For the recent community/church events held.
Prayers: For the finalising of our building plans.
ACP: Rumbek (Bahr El Ghazal, Sudan): Alapayo Manyang Kuctiel

25th August, Luton Biscot, Holy Trinity Thomas Singh

Thanksgiving: For all younger families moving into the Parish, for God's guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Prayers: For all the hard work of volunteers in the Churchyard and that the decision for the Council to take on the responsibility may be in our favour.
ACP: Rumonge (Burundi): Pedaculi Birakengana

26th August, Luton Bushmead

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rupert's Land (Rupert's Land, Canada): Donald Phillips

27th August, Luton Caddington

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Ruvuma (Tanzania): Maternus Kapinga

28th August, Luton Farley Hill, St John the Baptist

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Ruwenzori (Uganda): Reuben Kisembo

29th August, Luton Leagrave, St Luke Grace Sentamu Baverstock, Jessica McLaren, (Rs) Gena Turland, Linda Oliver

Thanksgiving: 6 young people were confirmed in June and overall the number of children and young people coming to Church Sunday by Sunday is increasing.
Prayers: We are beginning the MAP process, please pray for discernment and courage.
ACP: Sabah (South East Asia): Melter Jiki Tais

30th August, Luton Luton Mike Jones, Catherine Moss, Andy Gardner, (PTO) Chris Adams

Thanksgiving: For launch of a peace centre and new services.
Prayers: For guidance for future ministry focus.
ACP: Sabongidda-Ora (Bendel, Nigeria): Vacant

31st August, Luton Luton, All Saints with St Peter David Kesterton, Jo Burke

Thanksgiving: For ministry of our new SSM curate Jo.
Prayers: For the strengthening of working relationships with the African majority churches who now worship in both our buildings.
ACP: Saldanha Bay (Southern Africa): Raphael Hess

1st September, Diocesan Board of Education Officers and support staff working across the Board of Education’s 136 schools, including the Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust.

Thanksgiving: Thank God for the successful establishment of the Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust and the admission of the 3 schools currently in the Trust.
Prayers: Please pray for schools, school leaders, teachers and their families experiencing bereavement at this time.
ACP: Salisbury: Nicholas Holtam

2nd September, Cathedral Learning Department (Schools) Education Officer: Steve Clarke

Thanksgiving: For 14,000 school visitors, and their opportunity to experience the holiness of this place.
Prayers: For day to day activities during the building work, and preparations for new facililities.
ACP: Sambalpur (North India): Pinuel Dip

3rd September, Luton Luton, St Andrew

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: San Diego (ECUSA): James Mathes; San Joaquin (ECUSA): Chester Talton; San Joaquin (ECUSA): David Rice

4th September, Luton Luton, St Anne with St Christopher

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Santiago (Philippines): Alexander Wandag

5th September, Luton Luton, St Augustine, Limbury Emma Young, (R) Janna Bond, Alan Jeffs

Thanksgiving: For our in-coming Vicar, Jairo Nyaongo.
Prayers: For our church as it begins a new chapter.
ACP: Sao Paulo (Brazil): Flavio Irala

6th September, Luton Luton, St Francis Nick Grew, Sarah Hancock, (PTO) Joy Daniel, (Rs) Barbara McIntosh, Allan Kinninmonth, Rod Mason

Thanksgiving: Feeling fresh energy through MAP actions put into practice.
Prayers: Identifying and growing younger leaders.
ACP: Sapele (Bendel, Nigeria): Blessing Erifeta

7th September, Luton Luton, St Hugh, Lewsey Joseph Pienaar, Andy Gliddon

Thanksgiving: For over 100 volunteers who work in different ministries.
Prayers: For integrating new people into the church family.
ACP: Saskatchewan (Canada): Michael Hawkins

8th September, Luton Luton, St Matthew, High Town

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Sebei (Uganda): Paul Kiptoo Masaba

9th September, Luton Luton, St Paul

Thanksgiving: That we still have a core loyal congregation during the vacancy.
Prayers: That a new vicar is appointed without delay.
ACP: Sekondi (Ghana, West Africa): Alexander Asmah

10th September, Luton Luton, St Saviour

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Seychelles (Indian Ocean): James Richard Wong Yin Song

11th September, Luton Marsh Farm

Thanksgiving: Priests who have been coming to us during our Vacancy.
Prayers: Renewed strength to take the church forward.
ACP: Sheffield: Pete Wilcox

12th September, Luton Stopsley, St Thomas David Alexander, Ruth Barr

Thanksgiving: God's ongoing faithfulness and kindness to us.
Prayers: For prayerful evangelism to our community.
ACP: Shinyanga (Tanzania): Charles Kija Ngusa

13th September, Luton Streatley Steve Wood, Paolo Di Leo, (R) Teresa Dales

Thanksgiving: For so many people doing new things.
Prayers: For the introduction of the parish giving scheme.
ACP: Shyira (Rwanda): Laurent Mbanda

14th September, Luton Sundon

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Sialkot (Pakistan): Alwin John Samuel

15th September, Luton Woodside, St Andrew Cathy Pullinger, (Rs) Chris Barnes, Richard Palmer

Thanksgiving: For the people exploring baptism and Confirmation
Prayers: For our outreach to children in the half term holiday
ACP: Singapore (South East Asia): Rennis Ponniah

16th September, Rickmansworth Bovingdon Charles Burch, Simon Woodmore (R) Gill Barrett, Mary Beard

Thanksgiving: For summer events enjoyed by our community.
Prayers: For clergy and lay leaders attending the ‘Leading Your Church into Growth’ course later this month.
ACP: Sittwe (Myanmar): James Min Dein

17th September, Rickmansworth Chipperfield Michele du Saire, (R) Phil Waine

Thanksgiving: New members to our PCC.
Prayers: For those who will attend Leading your Church into Growth and the review of our MAP.
ACP: Sodor and Man: Peter Eagles

18th September, Rickmansworth Chorleywood, Christ Church David Hall, Jacob Harrison, Terence Russoff, (PTO) Anne Lovegrove, (Rs) Geoff Marshall-Taylor, David Cansdale

Thanksgiving: The arrival of the curates and the appointment of two additional staff members (Laura Joiner – Pastoral Worker and Fiona Green – Youth Leader [14-18yrs + university students])
Prayers: For plans for our parish visiting campaign.
ACP: Sokoto (Kaduna, Nigeria): Augustin Omole

19th September, Rickmansworth Chorleywood, St Andrew Tim Horlock

Thanksgiving: Our short vacancy and smooth transition into the post with a settled first few months.
Prayers: The discerning of, and wisdom in any implementation, of the next steps in ministry to and with the church to both members and the communities as we represent Jesus.
ACP: Soroti (Uganda): George Erwau

20th September, Rickmansworth Croxley Green, All Saints Miriam Mugan, David Jones

Thanksgiving: Our small but spiritually thriving Youth Group.
Prayers: Our ongoing work with young families.
ACP: S Ankole (Uganda): Nathan Ahimbisibwe

21st September, Rickmansworth Croxley Green, St Oswald Robert Riley-Braley, (Rs) Tony Barton, Magdalena Pletsch

Thanksgiving: For many dedicated volunteers.
Prayers: For good church links with new Secondary School in Parish.
ACP: South Dakota (ECUSA): John Tarrant

22nd September, Rickmansworth Mill End and Heronsgate with West Hyde Simon Cutmore, (Rs) Anne Peat, Helen Ford, Maggie Owen, (LLW) Paul Palmer

Thanksgiving: For a year of Messy church and all involved in ministry with children, youth and their families in the parish.
Prayers: For our Wardens, PCC and Ministry team as we minister together to see our churches grow in number and spiritual depth.
ACP: South Kerala (South India): Dharmaraj Rasalam

23rd September, Rickmansworth Rickmansworth Deborah Snowball, Scott Talbott, (Methodist) Richard Lowson, (R) Michael Baker

Thanksgiving: For the joyful celebration of our Patronal Festival.
Prayers: For our engagement once again with the Season of Invitiation.
ACP: SW Tanganyika (Tanzania): Matthew Mhagama

24th September, Rickmansworth Sarratt Michele du Saire, (R) Angela Coakley

Thanksgiving: Leaders of our children's church.
Prayers: For our building project.
ACP: SE Florida (ECUSA): Leopold Frade

25th September, Sharnbrook Bletsoe

Prayers: For the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: SE Mexico: Benito Juarez-Martinez

26th September, Sharnbrook Bolnhurst

Thanksgiving: Thanks that we are not being closed.
Prayers: Pray that we  will grow and go from strength to strength. 
ACP: S Brazil (Brazil): Humberto Maiztegue

27th September, Sharnbrook Bromham Vacant, Paula Vennells, (PTO) Di Harpham

Thanksgiving: For energetic and growing youth engagement.
Prayers: For the Benefice during vacancy.
ACP: Southern Highlands (Tanzania): John Mwela

28th September, Sharnbrook Carlton with Chellington

ACP: Southern Malawi (Central Africa): Alinafe Kalemba

29th September, Sharnbrook Clapham Stephen Liley, (R) Patricia Woon, John Woods

Thanksgiving: Great Summer events: Camp, holidayclubs, + new faces
Prayers: Continued work on our Mission Action Plan and it’s objectives.
ACP: S Nyanza (Kenya): James Ochiel

30th September, Sharnbrook Colmworth Madeleine Albert, Tim Robb, (R) Geraldine Skinner

Thanksgiving: For God's faithfulness.
Prayers: For flourishing. 
ACP: Southern Ohio (ECUSA): Thomas Breidenthal


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