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21st February, Barnet Totteridge

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Maine (I, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Stephen Lane

22nd February, Bedford Bedford, All Saints Sonya J Wratten

Thanksgiving: Interfaith Engagement.
Prayers: Loss and change in the church family.
ACP: The Most Revd Martin Nyaboho Archbishop of Burundi & Bishop of Makamba

23rd February, Bedford Bedford, Christ Church Richard Hibbert, Paul Boulter, (PtO) Edward Tufnell, (Rs) Michael Bishop, Margaret Tufnell

Thanksgiving: For the clear joy of being a church family open to all.
Prayers: For the final provision of finance and best contractor for the Halls Redevelopment vision.
ACP: Makueni (Kenya) The Rt Revd Joseph Kanuku

24th February, Bedford Bedford, St Andrew James Reveley, Atalie Gaines, (PtO) Adèle Rowlands, Ian McIntosh, (R) Diana Stretton

Thanksgiving: For the dedication of our amazing new church organ this coming Sunday morning.
Prayers: For continued blessing for our work together as a cluster of town centre churches.
ACP: Malaita (Melanesia) The Rt Revd Samuel SahuAssistant Bishop of Malaita (Melanesia) The Rt Revd Alfred Hou

25th February, Bedford Bedford, St John and St Leonard

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Malakal (Upper Nile, Sudan) The Rt Revd Hilary Garang DengMalakal (Upper Nile, Sudan) The Rt Revd Peter Gatbel Kunen Malakal Bentiu Area (Upper Nile, Sudan) The Rt Revd John Gettek Malakal Pariang Area (Upper Nile, Sudan) The Rt Revd David Kiir Mayath

26th February, Bedford Bedford, St Mark (LEP)

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Malek (Upper Nile, Sudan) The Rt Revd Peter Joh Mayom

27th February, Bedford Bedford, St Martin Valmor Pimenta, James Reveley

Thanksgiving: For Fr Valmor’s ministry with the new Portuguese-speaking congregation.
Prayers: For developing work in the local schools and nursing homes of the parish.
ACP: Malindi (Kenya) The Rt Revd Lawrence Dena

28th February, Bedford Bedford, St Michael and All Angels Stephen Smith, (PtO) Peter Littleford, Nigel Morrell

Thanksgiving: For the work done by Church Wardens, church members and rota of retired clergy over the past years.
Prayers: That the church will continue to develop further its outreach in the parish and as an active member of the Elstow Benefice.
ACP: Manchester (York, England) The Rt Revd David WalkerManchester Bolton (York, England) The Ven Mark David Ashcroft Manchester Middleton (York, England) The Rt Revd Mark Davies

1st March, Diocesan Secretary and Diocesan Office

Festival: Ash Wednesday
Prayers: We pray for all the staff who work to support the parishes and schools in the diocese in Living God’s Love.
ACP: Mandalay (Myanmar) The Rt Revd David Nyi Nyi Naing

2nd March, Diocesan Board of Finance David Nye (Chairman)

Thanksgiving: For the continuing generosity of so many parishioners supporting the joy of Living God’s Love.
Prayers: For parishes who struggle financially.
ACP: Manicaland (Central Africa) The Rt Revd Erick Ruwona

3rd March, Bedford Bedford, St Paul Kevin Goss, Phil Bryson, (PtO) Clifford Bradley, (Rs) James Beauchamp, Cliff Harris, (ALM) Margaret Blake

Thanksgiving: For increase in the number of families attending.
Prayers: For our All Age Eucharist, and for the finances and resources to maintain and extend our ministry and mission, to our gathered congregation, deprived parish and to the Borough and County of Bedfordshire.
ACP: The Most Revd William Brown Turei Pihopa o Aotearora and Primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

4th March, Bedford Bedford, St Peter de Merton with St Cuthbert Kelvin Woolmer, (Rs) Paul Fricker, Valerie Tarlo

Thanksgiving: That St Peter’s has been very fortunate during the Vacancy with cover for services and that we now have a new Priest Missioner, Kelvin Woolmer.
Prayers: That Kelvin may be blessed in his ministry in his links with the town of Bedford, his contact with the Cluster Churches and his pastoral ministry in St Peter’s Church.
ACP: Mara (Tanzania) The Rt Revd Hilkiah Omindo Deya

5th March, Bedford Biddenham

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Marathwada (North India) The Rt Revd Madhukar Kasab

6th March, Bedford Cardington Stephen Smith, (R) Jane Findlay, (ALM) David Wells

Thanksgiving: We are very thankful for the contribution of all our volunteers in the work, worship and outreach in our parish.
Prayers: We pray for David Wells and his continuing ministry.
ACP: Maridi (Minye, Sudan) The Rt Revd Justin Badi Arama

7th March, Bedford Cranfield Hugh Symes-Thompson, (R) Trevor Dimmock

Thanksgiving: Good working relationships with our excellent church Schools & the introduction of ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ and ‘Easter Cracked’ presentations for Year 4.
Prayers: May the Lord of the Harvest open the way for younger adults to come to faith, especially with our new housing coming on stream, and so lower the age profile of our congregation.
ACP: Marsabit (Kenya) The Rt Revd Robert Martin

8th March, Bedford Elstow

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Maryland (III, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Eugene SuttonSuffragan Bishop of Maryland (III, The Episcopal Church) Vacant

9th March, Bedford Goldington

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Masasi (Tanzania) The Rt Revd James Almasi

10th March, Bedford Houghton Conquest

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Maseno North (Kenya) The Rt Revd Simon Oketch

11th March, Bedford Hulcote with Salford Hugh Symes-Thompson, (R) Trevor Dimmock

Thanksgiving: For considerable achievements in improving our Church buildings and churchyards.
Prayers: For wisdom in renewing our MAP priorities and making new disciples.
ACP: Masindi-Kitara (Uganda) The Rt Revd George Kasangaki

12th March, Bedford Kempston Eric Lomax

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving and prayers for Eric Lomax as he starts his new ministry in our community.
ACP: Maseno South (Kenya) The Rt Revd Francis AbieroMaseno West (Kenya) The Rt Revd Joseph Wasonga

13th March, Bedford Kempston, The Church of the Transfiguration Lydia Humphreys, Victoria Bryson, (R) Alison Scott

Thanksgiving: For our Acorn project for new members of the church family, to nurture their roots into our church, also for our new Alpha course and Enquirers group as we seek to deepen our understanding of the Gospel.
Prayers: We ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in deciding our pattern of worship.
ACP: Massachusetts (I, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Alan McIntosh GatesBishop Suffragan of Massachusetts (I, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Gayle Harris

14th March, Bedford Lidlington (LEP) Quentin Chandler, (Methodist Minister) Caroline Weaver, (Leadership Team) Jeff Bulled, Tim Mason, Jonathan Peall

Thanksgiving: For the amazing work with the local school – Thomas Johnson Lower.
Prayers: For the power of the Holy Spirit to be seen even more clearly at work in the Church and community.
ACP: Masvingo (Central Africa) The Rt Revd Godfrey Tawonezwi

15th March, Bedford Marston Morteyne Quentin Chandler, (Rs) Pat Cleaver, Michael Cleaver

Thanksgiving: For continuing growth in our congregation.
Prayers: Prayer for our outreach to new housing areas.
ACP: Matabeleland (Central Africa) The Rt Revd Cleophas Lunga

16th March, Bedford Renhold Vacant

Thanksgiving: For our team of visiting clergy during our Vacancy. We also give thanks for the work of the Churchwardens during the vacancy.
Prayers: For an appointment of a new Incumbent.
ACP: Matlosane (formerly Klerksdorp) (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Stephen Diseko

17th March, Bedford Wilshamstead

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Meath & Kildare (Dublin, Ireland) The Rt Revd Patricia Louise Storey

18th March, Bedford Wootton

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Mbaise (Nigeria) The Rt Revd Chamberlain Chinedu Ogunedo

19th March, Berkhamsted Bourne End In a vacancy (R) Pam Davis, Stephen Fletcher

Thanksgiving: That the church continues to grow and be active in the community.
Prayers: For the church during the vacancy and the appointment of a new incumbent.
ACP: Mbale (Uganda) The Rt Revd Patrick Gidudu

20th March, Berkhamsted Great Berkhamsted Timothy Pilkington, Simon Vivian, (Methodist Minister) Rachael Hawkins, (PtO) Anthony Lathe, (R) Richard Hackworth

Prayers: Please pray for the on going work of outreach to new families known as the Third Sunday Service, for Fr. John Russell & his team.
ACP: Mbamili (Niger, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Henry Okeke

21st March, Berkhamsted Great Gaddesden John Russell, (R) Gill Moore, Heather Tisbury

Prayers: For the children of the congregation and work in the village school and that the reordering of the church will enable increased opportunities for mission.
ACP: Mbeere (Kenya) The Rt Revd Moses Masamba Nthukah

22nd March, Berkhamsted Little Gaddesden John Russell, (R) Anthony Archer

Thanksgiving: For the members of our church community.
Prayers: For our Sunday School and our young and inexperienced PCC. Pray too for village school and the work of the church in it. 
ACP: Mbhashe (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Elliot Williams

23rd March, Berkhamsted Nettleden John Russell, (R) John Malcolm

Thanksgiving: We give thanks for the ministry of John Malcolm.
Prayers: Pray that the forthcoming Nettleden Music Festival will give the church a higher profile in this tiny community.
ACP: Medak (South India) Vacant

24th March, Berkhamsted Northchurch Jonathan Gordon , Michael Eggleton, (Rs) David White, Peggy Sear, Doreen Knapp, Edgar Wille 

Thanksgiving: Increased use of building for community/concerts.
Prayers: Growing links with children/young families.
ACP: The Most Revd Dr Philip Leslie Freier Archbishop of Melbourne & Primate of AustraliaMelbourne Marmingatha Episcopate (Victoria, Australia) The Rt Revd Genieve Blackwell Melbourne Jumbunna Episcopate (Victoria, Australia) The Rt Revd Paul White Melbourne Oodthenong Episcopate (Victoria, Australia) The Rt Revd Philip Huggins

25th March, Berkhamsted Potten End, Holy Trinity Penny Nash

Thanksgiving: For our church community that seeks to serve all ages within our community.
Prayers: For a renewed vision for the future as we work together to form our new Mission Action Plan.
ACP: Meru (Kenya) The Rt Revd Charles Mwendwa

26th March, Berkhamsted Sunnyside, St Michael and All Angels (Rs) Pamela Davis

Festival: Mothering Sunday
Thanksgiving: Andrew Wilcock
Prayers: For the members of the church and the community they serve.

27th March, Berkhamsted Tring Team Parish Huw Bellis, Jane Banister, Didier Jaquet, (PtOs) Janet Ridgway, Ian Ogilvie, Val Rockall, (ALM) Mike Watkin, (Rs) Jon Reynolds, Malcolm Nobbs, Grahame Senior

Thanksgiving: Our work with young people.
Prayers: The elderly, especially those having to move from their homes.
ACP: Milwaukee (V, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Steven MillerMinnesota (VI, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Brian Prior

28th March, Berkhamsted Wigginton Jonathan Gordon, Michael Eggleton, (Rs) David White, Peggy Sear

Thanksgiving: Establishment of Messy Church.
Prayers: Building links with school and young families. 
ACP: Minna (Lokoja, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Daniel Abu Yisa

29th March, Biggleswade Biggleswade Guy Scott, (Rs) Colin Dixon, Tony Elcombe, Christine Elcombe

Thanksgiving: For the life, gifts and witness of our Community of Faith.
Prayers: For wisdom and discernment as we seek ways to engage with our rapidly expanding town.
ACP: Mishamikoweesh (Rupert's Land, Canada) The Rt Revd Lydia Mamakwa

30th March, Biggleswade Blunham

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Missionary District of Oeste-Brasil (Brazil) VacantPelotas (Brazil) The Rt Revd Renato Da Cruz Raatz

31st March, Biggleswade Caldecote, All Saints

Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.
ACP: Mississippi (IV, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Duncan GrayCoadjutor Bishop (IV, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Brian Seage


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