Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Environment Officer News & Updates


Update August 2017 – inc. Creationtide 2017

“Christians throughout the world are being asked to pray, reflect and then act on the care of all creation, the environment and the world we live in …..”   Update – August 2017


Update February 2017 – Environment – following Brexit?

The EU record on environment protection is highly regarded by environment experts. When the UK withdraws from the EU, there is concern that the environment will become more vulnerable.  Update – February 2017

leaf-greenUpdate December 2016 – Report on SuStAinable StAlbans Week

This Update carries news of inspiring church and faith group involvement in the second very successful ‘green week’ held last month.  Update – December 2016

leaf-greenUpdate November 2016 – ‘The earth is the Lord’s and all in it ..’

This Update includes findings from a research study on behalf of The Living Planet. In expanding on these findings, there are references to Inter-Faith Week (13-20 Nov 2016) and Pope Francis’ message on the care of creation. Also mention of Eco-Church and Sustainable St Albans Week (19-26 Nov 2016):  Update – November 2016

leaf-greenUpdate August 2016 – including Creationtide 2016

The Bishop of Salisbury, The Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, leads on Environment issues, and has said, “Celebrating Creationtide marks a shift in the Christian understanding of our relationship to creation under God  ….. it is important that Christians rediscover older traditions of a godly relationship of humanity to the wider created order.”   Read the full newsletter update, together with suggested helpful resources:  Update – August 2016

There are additional resources from the Anglican Church of S. Africa.


News – August 2016 – Churchyards – a Noah’s Ark for trees?

A churchyard with healthy elm trees which are resistant to disease, or ash trees which have not succumbed to dieback, may hold the secret to fighting tree disease.  Read more:  Churchyards – a Noah’s Ark


News – August 2016 – ‘Bees and Barn Owls …’

… benefit from Green Grants.  Green Grants awarded under our Living Lightly scheme have helped protect rare wild-flowers, equip a team of bee-keepers in Leighton Buzzard,  mount barn owl nesting boxes and install a functional bike rack with an attractive flower box.  Be encouraged to look again at our Living Lightly scheme – read more:  Bees and Barn Owls benefit


News – August 2016 – ‘Forest Church’

Forest Church is a fresh expression of church – but it is not normal church taking place in the open air. … Our artificial light-soaked and globalised shopping culture cuts us off from the changing seasons and we are in real danger of forgetting a sense of sacredness of the gifts of creation.  Read more:  Forest Church

Explore more about Forest Church at their dedicated website here: Mysticchrist/Forest Church

You can read a substantial collection of essays considering the relationship between spirituality and nature in:  Earthed: Christian Perspectives on nature connection


Update – July 2016 – “The recent EU Referendum has exposed deep fracture lines in our society. …..  Will we lose precious protections if we leave the EU?”

Read the full update from our Environment Officer, which includes reference to a couple of helpful books and a practical option that churches can take:  Eco Church :  Update – July 2016 


Update – April 2016 – “Following last year’s Paris Climate Summit …”

The summit brought together nearly 200 countries in the first-ever legally binding climate deal; read more from our Environment Officer here:  Update – April 2016


Update – March 2016 – ‘ “Changing the conversations that change the world” -with a reflection on the road to Paris’

In Bishop Nicholas Holtam’s words,  “….every church needs to work towards reducing energy bills, finding sources of renewable energy and becoming more efficient about resources.” You can read the moving account of one pilgrim’s experience.  Update – March 2016

leaf-greenThe United Nations Climate Change Conference:

Paris – 30 Nov-11 Dec 2015

Scientific evidence now overwhelmingly supports the view that climate change is the major challenge facing us this century. Over the next few decades our human well-being, the health of the earth and the survival of future generations are going to be really on the line unless we can halt global warming. The current rise in world temperatures is already having a devastating impact on many of the poorest communities in the southern hemisphere.

At the meeting of United Nations at the Paris Conference on Climate Change in November, a new binding, international agreement needs to be achieved.

People of all faiths across the globe are on the move – walking, biking, sailing – and praying for the future of our planet.   These representatives of faith communities will take part in a number of focused events – see:     Pilgrimage2Paris

An Update from our Environment Officer, Helen, also gives valuable details and links to other helpful sites: Update – October 2015

leaf-greenGeneral Update – including reminder of ‘Caring for God’s Earth’ conference – April 2015

Helen uses significant quotes from the House of Bishops’ Letter being used in this election year, as well as other leading voices in drawing attention to  issues of climate change, and encouraging people to come along to the conference being held this April at St Albans Cathedral:  Environment Update – February 2015



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