Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

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Under the Diocesan Strategy of ‘Living God’s Love’, the Flourishing Churches Team (Church Growth Officers) work to assist and encourage churches in their numerical and spiritual growth, and in service of their communities.

2021 Summer and Autumn Zoom Cafes & Webinars – open to all and,  ‘No question is a silly question! No need to book, just join us here.

  • Thur 22nd July 8pm – 9pm. Thinking of Coming to LYCiG?- Zoom Webinar
    Seven steps to lead your church into growth as we emerge from lockdown.
    If you’re thinking of coming to the Diocesan Leading your Church into Growth conference but want to know a little more about what LyCiG is all about, this is a great chance to meet some of the LyCiG team have an introduction to LyCiG principles.
    If you have been to LyCiG before and want a bit of a refresher for you and members of your PCC, this is for you.
    If lockdown has been a whirlwind of confusion and you would like an informative hour where you remember, reflect on and are encouraged in what it means to be church, then come along. Book your place here.
  • Thur 9th Sept 2-3.15pm. Working with Schools
    Join members of the Diocesan Schools Team as they share some opening thoughts on how they can work in partnership with parishes to support engagement with, and ministry to, schools. Aspects covered will include the vision of the DBE and how it integrates with the mission of the diocese to ‘Live God’s Love’, practical support and resources available to schools, navigating SIAMS as an incumbent and, when there is too much to do, practical ideas for spreading the load….. including exploring lay chaplaincy and other lay ministry opportunities including Open the Book. There will also be plenty of time to ask questions, share experiences with others with a school in their parish/benefice.
  • Thur 23rd Sept 11am-12.15pm. Young people hanging around church
    Many of us have young people passing through our churchyards, or even hanging around in that public space. They feel comfortable doing that, but how do we connect with them and welcome them to connect with our church community? Come along to this Zoom Cafe to share ideas that have worked or ask questions and hear from others around the theme of ‘detached youthwork’ and connecting with young people who spend time around our buildings.
  • Thur 30th Sept 2-3.15pm. Ministry to older people and the socially isolated
    As we begin to emerge from lockdown, how might we effectively engage with those who may have had significant periods of self-isolation. May be nervous of coming our of lockdown, or those who just feel a little unsure? Come along to join the discussion and share your thoughts.
  • Wed 6th Oct 2-3.15pm. Rural Ministry: frustrations and opportunities
    A chance to get together to share in the frustrations and opportunities that are perhaps particular to rural ministry. Come hoping for answers and to offer support to colleagues in similar situations.
  • Tue 12th Oct 11am-12.15pm. Creative Harvest and Remembrance Services
    Come along to share ideas and inspire one another in how to make the most of those visitors who come along for services at Harvest and Remembrance. How do we invite people? How should we shape the worship to make it meaningful for occasional attenders? How might we invite people to come again?
  • Thur 28th Oct 2-3.15pm. Creative Advent and Christmas Services
    Come along to share ideas and inspire one another in how to make the most of those visitors who come along for services at Advent and Christmas. How do we invite people? How should we shape the worship to make it meaningful for occasional attenders? How might we invite people to come again?
  • Thu 11th Nov 2-3.15pm. Useful online tools for clergy and administrators
    There are a number of tools available that with a little patience and time spend familiarising oneself with will safe time in the long run. We share some them (the ones we know, including Life Events Diary, A Church Near You, Parish Buying, etc. ) and look forward to hearing your experiences of others that may be available.
  • Tue 16th Nov 10-11.15am. So you have been on LyCiG…what next?
    A chance for those who came to the residential conference to meet up online with others to share what their first…and maybe second steps will be. A sharing of ideas and encouragement.
  • November 20th 9.30am – 12 noon. Mission Action Planning Refresh.
    A guide to the Mission Action Planning process using a new tool. Guiding you through the Mission Action Planning process, using a practical new tool. As always with planning, this works best if you bring a team – so please join us with PCC members and anyone interested from your parish. Book your place here. NB Zoom details will be on your confirmation email.
  • December 2nd  11 – 11:15am.  Making the most of Funerals
    Funeral ministry is not always easy, but it is a way that we serve our parishes and communities. Come together with a funeral director in the diocese to hear how we can most effectively liaise with funeral directors, to discuss how we can best care for those who mourn, and how we can appropriately offer them the hope we have in Christ.

The Church Growth Officers work primarily with inherited and established forms of church and focus on church growth through Mission Action Planning. For further details please see the Mission Tree.

Experience shows us that our work is most effective when parishes engage our services for a longer time frame – usually a year or so. In this way, we seek to build relationships and be more focused in our work.  We find that single ‘one-off’ parish visits have a limited benefit.

Our work can involve a range of working practices; mentoring, networking, practical resources e.g. assistance with a Giving campaign. We also offer to facilitate MAP sessions with PCCs or Ministry teams.

Our work within parishes is discerned with the local Ministry team and we tailor our approach to each context.

Please do be in touch to discuss your parish’s needs. The church Growth team is led by the Rev’d Kate Peacock, email Kate

It is our prayer to grow the Church of God in number, in spiritual depth and with energy and vitality.


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