Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

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Under the Diocesan Strategy of ‘Living God’s Love’, the Flourishing Churches Team (Paul Davies and Kate Lomax: known as ‘Church Growth Officers’) work as part of the Mission and Ministry Department to assist and encourage churches in their numerical and spiritual growth, and in service of their communities. The Church Growth Officers work primarily with inherited and established forms of church and focus on church growth through Mission Action Planning. For further details please see the Mission Tree. In this way they work alongside and complimenting the Reaching New People (RNP) team, who work with churches to exploring new ways to reach people who aren’t currently engaged with the Church and looking at how we can make new disciples.

Experience shows us that the work of the Flourishing Churches team is most effective when parishes engage our services for a longer time frame – usually a year or so. In this way, we seek to build relationships and be more focused in our work.  We find that single ‘one-off’ parish visits have a limited benefit.

Our work can involve a range of working practices; mentoring, networking, practical resources e.g. assistance with a Giving campaign. One of the main ways we seek to support churches is through all the resources surrounding the Mission Action Plan process. We offer to facilitate MAP sessions with PCCs or Ministry teams, as well as gather churches together for MAP workshops.

Our work within parishes is discerned with the local Ministry team and we tailor our approach to each context.

Please contact Paul Davies or Kate Lomax to discuss your parish’s needs.

It is our prayer to grow the Church of God in number, in spiritual depth and with energy and vitality.


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