Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Flourishing Churches

Under the Diocesan Strategy of ‘Living God’s Love’, the Flourishing Churches Team (Church Growth Officers) work to assist and encourage churches in their numerical and spiritual growth, and in service of their communities.


Autumn 2020 Thursday Zoom Cafes & Webinars – open to all and,  ‘No question is a silly question!:

  • 10 September 2–3.15pm:   APCMs – Q & A with Archdeacon Dave
  • 24 September  10–11.15am:   What Now For Families?
  • 1 October  7-8.15pm:  Storytelling (webinar)
  • 15 October  10–11.15am:  The Season of Remembrance
  • 22 October 2–3.15pm:  Getting the Word Out
  • 5 November 2–3.15:  Considering Advent and Christmas
  • 12 November  2-3.15pm:  Change, Loss and Bereavement – helping children cope with tough times (webinar)

Further details and Link for joining Zoom Cafes here:  AUTUMN 2020 ZOOM CAFES

June 2020, our Church Growth Officers offer these two new items:

  1. What have we had to start doing that we will need to stop? – This grid provides a simple planning tool to work through personally, or with a Ministry Team or PCC.  It takes you through a reflection and  a forward planning approach that is brilliantly simple , on a single A4 sheet!   We hope this simple tool helps  your thinking as it has definitely already helped ours!
  2. Supported Thinking – for many of us talking through our issues and examining them with a trusted individual or group is incredibly useful and offers us insights and perspectives that we may not otherwise have seen.  We offer both group thinking and individual 1:1s to support you at this time and going forward. Do get in touch if this is useful for you – email Kate Peacock


The Church Growth Officers work primarily with inherited and established forms of church and focus on the key areas of:

  • Planning for Mission; the process and the journey of MAP (Booklet 1)
  • Resourcing for Mission; stewardship and growing generous giving (Booklet 2)
  • Equipping for Mission; workshops, Learning Communities and Leading Your Church into Growth conferences (Booklet 3)


Further resources have also been shared on the Diocesan website in response to the COVID-19 crisis which you can find using the link below:

Experience shows us that our work is most effective when parishes engage our services for a longer time frame – usually a year or so. In this way, we seek to build relationships and be more focused in our work.  We find that single ‘one-off’ parish visits have a limited benefit.

Our work can involve a range of working practices; mentoring, networking, practical resources e.g. assistance with a Giving campaign. We also offer to facilitate MAP sessions with PCCs or Ministry teams.

Our work within parishes is discerned with the local Ministry team and we tailor our approach to each context.

Please do be in touch to discuss your parish’s needs. The church Growth team is led by the Rev’d Kate Peacock, email Kate

It is our prayer to grow the Church of God in number, in spiritual depth and with energy and vitality.

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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities