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Trust Fund Grants

The Trust Funds named below are administered by the Diocese of St Albans.

Grant Applications to these Funds are welcomed either on behalf of an individual or an organisation – please see the specific criteria for each one listed below:

General Funds intended to help people in need:

The Allder Trust –
‘To assist young women and their children, specifically in the Luton area.’
The East Herts Moral Welfare Fund –
‘To promote moral welfare in East Hertfordshire.’
The Patrick Trust Fund-
‘Monies to help with the relief of needy and necessitous people and the care of those with disabilities.’
Friends of Osborne House
‘Offering financial assistance to those suffering hardship.’


Other Funds with a specific purpose include:

The Christine Canti Fund
‘To assist in the work of the St Albans Board for  Social Responsibility.’
The St Etheldreda’s Trust
‘To support and enrich the ministry of female ordained clergy in the Diocese.’





  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities

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