Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Daily Prayers

Regular prayer diary

25th May, Buntingford Newnham Robert Evens, (R) Mark Eaton

Thanksgiving: For all who support this Church.
Prayers: For the project to protect the wall paintings.
ACP: Cuernavaca (Mexico): Enrique Treviño Cruz

26th May, Buntingford Reed and Buckland Ruth Pyke, (PTOs) Sonia Falaschi-Ray, Richard Pyke, (R) Arthur Brignall

Thanksgiving: For the steadfast faithfulness of our Thursday morning prayer group.
Prayers: For the continued growth of our choir. 
ACP: Curitiba (Brazil): Naudal Alves Gomes

27th May, Buntingford Royston Heidi Huntley, Theresa Musiwacho, John Fidler, (R) Tony Mills

Festival: Trinity Sunday
Thanksgiving: For Becca's arrival in our church family as Family Missioner.
Prayers: For wisdom as we continue to 'Raise Up the Next Generation'.
ACP: The Anglican Church of Korea; Onesimus Dongsin Park, Primate of the Anglican Church of Korea & Bishop of Busan

28th May, Buntingford Rushden Fiona Wheatley, (PTO) Nick Lyness

Thanksgiving: For quiet growth in numbers at Matins and Evensong.
Prayers: That we are not visited by thieves again and that we can find ways of keeping the church open despite the thefts.
ACP: Cuttack (North India): Surendra Kumar Nanda

29th May, Buntingford Sandon Fiona Wheatley, (PTO) Nick Lyness

Thanksgiving: That the All Age service continues to have steady attendence.
Prayers: That we find someone who will take up maintenance of the churchyard.
ACP: Cyangugu (Rwanda): Nathan Amooti Rusengo; Kigali (Rwanda): Louis Muvunyi

30th May, Buntingford Therfield Richard Morgan, (Rs) Richard Genochio, Frances Mary Blydenstein

Thanksgiving: For the completion of repairs to two roofs.
Prayers: For the parish during the upcoming vacancy and a good way forward and appointment of the next parish priest.
ACP: Cyprus and the Gulf (Jerusalem & Middle East): Michael Augustine Owen Lewis

31st May, Buntingford Throcking

Festival: The Visitation
Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Daejeon (Korea): Moses Nak Jun Yoo

1st June, Diocesan Advisory Committee (Chairman) C. Green

Thanksgiving: For the time, energy and commitment given by the members and consultants.
Prayers: For wisdom and encouragement in assisting parishes as they seek reach out in mission and transform local communities through their buildings, making each church a place where people may come to know Jesus Christ.
ACP: Dallas (ECUSA): George Sumner; Suff - Dallas: Paul Lambert

2nd June, Chaplains within Medical Establishments All who offer spiritual, care and support in our hospitals, hospices and homes.

Thanksgiving: For all who give of themselves, their time and talents as volunteers.
Prayers: For all affected by the many changes within the NHS and healthcare providers.
ACP: Damaturu (Jos, Nigeria): Abiodun Ogunyemi

3rd June, Buntingford Walkern (LEP)

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: The Anglican Church of Melanesia; George Takeli, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Bishop of Central Melanesia

4th June, Buntingford Wallington Fiona Wheatley, (PTO) Nick Lyness

Thanksgiving: For the lovely chalice donated to the church for a year by the Frances Coales Trust in recognition of all the work done on the church.
Prayers: That the new All Age Coffee Morning is well attended and takes off.
ACP: Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania): Valentino Mokiwa

5th June, Buntingford Westmill

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Davao (Philippines): Jonathan Labasan Casimina

6th June, Buntingford Weston Fiona Wheatley, (PTO) Nick Lyness

Thanksgiving: For all those who have worked so hard to revitalise the Churchyard.
Prayers: That the growth in numbers attending the monthly All Age service continues and the service remains viable.
ACP: Delaware (ECUSA): Vacant

7th June, Cheshunt Broxbourne with Wormley Charles Hudson, Malcolm Finlay, Grant Fensome, (Rs) Ray Slade, Anne Sentance

Thanksgiving: The first year of our Messy Church at Wormley Primary School.
Prayers: Opportunities for further Fresh Expressions elsewhere in the parish.
ACP: Delhi (North India): Vacant

8th June, Cheshunt Cheshunt Vacancy

Thanksgiving: For the many young families who have joined the congregation in recent years.
Prayers: That we may succeed in attracting funds for a number of improvements to the church building. We pray that we can attract many non-churchgoers from the parish, as part of our Christian outreach, to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the church building.
ACP: Derby: Alastair Redfern; Suff - Repton: Janet McFarlane

9th June, Cheshunt Goff’s Oak, St James

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Derry & Raphoe (Armagh, Ireland): Kenneth Good; Down & Omore (Armagh, Ireland): Harold Miller

10th June, Cheshunt Hoddesdon Rachel Pennant, (Rs) Reg Bailey, Neil Harvey

Thanksgiving: A renewed sense of common vision.
Prayers: For a high level of engagement with our community audit.
ACP: La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico; Francisco Moreno, Presiding Bishop of La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico & Bishop of Northern Mexico

11th June, Cheshunt Northaw and Cuffley

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Diocese on the Coast formerly (Ikale-Ilaje): (Ondo, Nigeria): Joshua Ogunele

12th June, Cheshunt Rye Park, St Cuthbert In vacancy, (R) John Griffiths

Thanksgiving: The ministry of our vicar Jonathan, who retired at the end of April after 5 and a half years with us, and for the ministry of our curate, Alison, now one of the Fresh Expressions development workers in the diocese.
Prayers: Anne and Tish, our church wardens, and for our PCC and other leaders during the vacancy.  For the appointment process, and for the person whom God is calling to come and join us at St Cuthbert’s as our new vicar.
ACP: Diocese in Europe (England): Robert Innes; Suff - Diocese in Europe: David Hamid

13th June, Cheshunt Turnford

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Eastern Kowloon (Hong Kong): Timothy Kwok

14th June, Cheshunt Waltham Cross, Christ Church Teresa Wynne

Thanksgiving: For the good links we have with our church school.
Prayers: For our plans to appoint a volunteer youth worker.
ACP: Diocese of The Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands (West Indies): Laish Boyd

15th June, Dunstable Billington Steve Marsh

Thanksgiving: Developing contact with the village.
Prayers: To develop more family friendly events.
ACP: Diocese of the Free State (formerly Bloemfontein): (Southern Africa): Dintoe Letloenyane

16th June, Dunstable Chalgrave

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Western Kowloon (Hong Kong): Andrew Chan

17th June, Dunstable Dunstable Richard Andrews, Ricky Turner, (Rs) Vanessa Bradley, Johan Schoeman

Prayers: For our plans to develop chaplaincy in the two local church secondary schools.
ACP: The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma); Stephen Than Myint Oo, Archbishop of Myanmar and Bishop of Yangon

18th June, Dunstable Eaton Bray with Edlesborough Joy Cousans, (R) Gordon Gray

Thanksgiving: For all the willing helpers who contribute so much to our church life.
Prayers: for children’s work with Tots and Messy Church.
ACP: Dogura (Papua New Guinea): Tennyson Bogar

19th June, Dunstable Egginton Noel McGeeney, (R) Linda Morris

Thanksgiving: For our new fund raising committee for their engery and vitality.
Prayers: For our monthly service at the care home and all the residents there.
ACP: Dominican Republic (ECUSA): Moisés Quezada Mota

20th June, Dunstable Heath and Reach Noel McGeeney

Thanksgiving: For the volunteers who have lovingly restored the porch, making it so welcoming.
Prayers: That our seasonal lunches for those who need company may grow from strength to strength.
ACP: Doko (Lokoja, Nigeria): Uriah Kolo

21st June, Dunstable Hockliffe Noel McGeeney, (R)Tricia Humber

Thanksgiving: For growth in numbers to our family service.
Prayers: For a successful bid for our restoration projects. 
ACP: Dornakal (South India): Vadapalli Prasada Rao

22nd June, Dunstable Houghton Regis Diego Galanzino

Festival: Alban
Thanksgiving: All Saints’ restoration programme has been granted support for the National Lottery.
Prayers: For the many new people coming to live in our town and parish.
ACP: Dublin & Glendalough (Dublin, Ireland): Michael Jackson

23rd June, Dunstable Kensworth Nicola Lenthall, (R) Dorothy Blackburn

Thanksgiving: For the newly created youth group, and new co-leader.
Prayers: For volunteers to serve as officers of the PCC.
ACP: Duk (Upper Nile, South Sudan): Daniel Deng Abot; Duk - Ayod Area: Thomas Tut

24th June, Dunstable Leighton Buzzard Grant Fellows, Maximillian Bayliss, (Rs) Geoff Marchant, Geoff Huskisson, Laurelin Burge, Linda Morris

Thanksgiving: A good response from local schools to join in with our church trails on various Christian Themes.
Prayers: The future of our work with families who have young children.
ACP: The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion); Nicholas Okoh, Metropolitan & Primate of all Nigeria & Bishop of Abuja

25th June, Dunstable Linslade Bernard Minton, (PTO) Wyn Jones, (Rs) Charles Amis, Mike Finney, Russell Stannard, Ian Woodward.

Thanksgiving: For all those who worked so hard to organise our Summer Fair.
Prayers: That we might fix the heating before the winter, and be able to develop our future building plans.
ACP: Dunedin (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia): Steven Benford

26th June, Dunstable Sandhills, Church of the Good Shepherd (Conventional District) Steve Marsh

Thanksgiving: For encouraging shoots of growth.
Prayers: For our developing vision for 2018 and beyond.
ACP: Dunkwa-on-Offin (Ghana, West Africa): Edmund Dawson Ahmoah

27th June, Dunstable Stanbridge

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Durgapur (North India): Probal Dutta

28th June, Dunstable Studham Nicola Lenthall, (R) Dorothy Blackburn

Thanksgiving: For new work on the building, enabling ministry of welcome, and provided by a legacy.
Prayers: For plans for new Sunday service initiatives this year.
ACP: Durham: Paul Butler; Suff - Jarrow: Mark Watts Bryant

29th June, Dunstable Tilsworth

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: Dutse (Kaduna, Nigeria): Yesufu Lumu

30th June, Dunstable Toddington

Thanksgiving: For the members of the congregation and the wider community they serve.
ACP: East Carolina (ECUSA): Robert Skirving


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