Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
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Daily Prayers

Regular prayer diary

14th November, Stevenage Graveley with Chivesfield (otherwise Graveley) Dave Brown

Thanksgiving: For our dedicated Church Wardens and our growing links to our Church School. 
Prayers: For our coming PCC away day to pray and plan future strategy, and our plans for Christmas.
ACP: Kano (Kaduna, Nigeria): Zakka Nyam

15th November, Stevenage Knebworth Jim Pye

Thanksgiving: For outreach to young families via Messy Church, Mustard Seeds Group, & Smarties - Mum & Baby/Toddler Group.
Prayers: For numeric and spiritual growth for our church and the resources to fulfil our mission. 
ACP: Kanyakumari (South India): Gnanasigamony Devakadasham; Karimnagar (South India): Reuben Mark

16th November, Stevenage Stevenage, All Saints, Pin Green

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kapsabet (Kenya): Paul Korir

17th November, Stevenage Stevenage, Holy Trinity

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Karachi (Pakistan): Sadiq Daniel

18th November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Andrew and St George

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Bermuda (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury); Bermuda (Bermuda): Nicholas Dill

19th November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Hugh and St John, Chells (LEP) Chandrika Perera

Thanksgiving: For the opportunities offered through extended study leave.
Prayers: For all taking on extra responsibilities during Chandy’s ESL.
ACP: Karnataka Central (South India): Prasana Kumar Samuel

20th November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Mary, Shephall

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Karnataka North: Ravikumar J. Niranjan

21st November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Nicholas Dave Brown

Thanksgiving: For a wonderful Church Weekend Away and our on going evangelism activities.
Prayers: For our coming PCC away day to pray and discuss future strategy, and for the funds and permisisons to progress our building work.
ACP: Karnataka South: Mohan Manoraj

22nd November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Peter, Broadwater Kate Sharples, (Rs) Obi Eneli, Gordon Baillie, Richard Brooks

Thanksgiving: For the baptisms of adults and young people.
Prayers: For the Christmas Journey.
ACP: Kasai - Mbujimayi (Congo): Marcel Kapinga

23rd November, Watford Abbots Langley Peter Waddell, Vanessa Kerswill, (R) Sally Sanderson

Thanksgiving: For the growth of our Youth Club.
Prayers: That our baptism candidates may grow in faith.
ACP: Kericho (Kenya): Ernest Kiprotich Ng'eno

24th November, Watford Bushey In Vacancy, Anne Underwood, Dave Poultney, Mary Kingsley,

Prayers: Pray for the work of Red Trust Bushey, a pioneer outreach in the parish.
ACP: Katakwa (Kenya): John OKude Omuse

25th November, Watford Bushey Heath, St Peter Andrew Burton, Sr. Diana Burton, CA

Thanksgiving: For new opportunities for evangelism.
Prayers: For growth in faith amongst our Family Service worshippers.
ACP: The Lusitanian Church (E-P to the ABC); Lusitanian Church (Portugal): José Jorge De Pina Cabral

26th November, Watford Langleybury, St Paul James Webster

Festival: Christ the King
Thanksgiving: For the dedicated support from PCC and church members.
Prayers: For guidance in our future plans for reconfiguring the church building and our youth work.
ACP: Katanga (Congo): Bertin Subi; Asst Bishop of Katanga (Congo): Lawrence Elisha Tendwa

27th November, Watford Leavesden, All Saints Eddie Green, Robert Kozak, Elliot James, (PTO) Peter Banyard, (Rs) Sue Oxlade, Charles Porter, Wendy Simpson

Thanksgiving: For new people stepping up and volunteering their time and talents.
Prayers: For increased financial generosity of our church family .
ACP: Katsina (Kaduna, Nigeria): Jonathan Bamaiyi

28th November, Watford Oxhey, All Saints Pam Wise, Liz Guest, (R) Jean Martin

Thanksgiving: For all the support we receive for ASCEND.
Prayers: For  Liz and the parish as she begins her ministry with us.
ACP: Kebbi (Kaduna, Nigeria): Edmund Akanya

29th November, Watford Oxhey, St Matthew

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Keewatin (Rupert's Land, Canada): David Norman Ashdown

30th November, Watford Canons of the Cathedral

Thanksgiving: For all that the Canons contribute to the life of the Cathedral and the wider Diocese.
Prayers: For the College as they support the Cathedral and also for the life of the parishes and communities of which they are part.
ACP: Kentucky (ECUSA): Terry White

1st December, Watford Watford Tony Rindl

Thanksgiving: The ministry amongst families and children’s work is growing in and amongst a richly diverse congregation.
Prayers: As a congregation we will continue to be transformed as we prepare to return to the main church building which is currently being refurbished.
ACP: Kibondo (Tanzania): Awaiting Details; Kiteto (Tanzania): Isaiah Chambala

2nd December, Watford Watford, Christ Church and St Mark Duncan Campbell, (Rs) Keith Cheney, Sue Pankhurst

Thanksgiving: Lift Off! families and childrens' project and it's leader, Claire.
Prayers: Strength to spread the good news to the wider community yet to know Jesus.
ACP: The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (E-P to the ABC); The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain: Carlos López-Lozano

3rd December, Watford Watford, St Andrew (LEP) Ian Pankhurst

Festival: Advent Sunday
Thanksgiving: For renewed provision for youngsters during our main services.
Prayers: For increased inspiration and effectiveness in our efforts to develop deeper connections with people than 'St Andrew's is there for the occasions when we need it'.
ACP: Kibungo (Rwanda): Emmanuel Ntazinda; Kigeme (Rwanda): Assiel Musabyimana

4th December, Watford Watford, St John David Stevenson

Thanksgiving: Messy Church and all the families who attend.
Prayers: For growth in faithful Stewardship and Alms Giving.
ACP: Kigezi (Uganda): George Bagamuhunda

5th December, Watford Watford, St Luke Dave Middlebrook, Adrian Smith, (R) Dave Clarke

Thanksgiving: For the continued growth and new people coming each week.
Prayers: For the many visitors who will come over the Christmas period, that they may see 'Emmanuel - God with us'.
ACP: Kilmore; Elphin & Ardagh (Armagh, Ireland): Ferran Glenfield

6th December, Watford Watford, St Michael and All Angels (LEP) Geoffrey Calvert, (L) George Ochola, (R) Martin Heath

Thanksgiving: God’s continuing goodness to us.
Prayers: The needy people of our Church and Community.
ACP: Kimberley & Kuruman (Southern Africa): Oswald Swartz

7th December, Watford Watford, St Peter Chris Cottee, (Rs) Colin Heath, Michael White

Thanksgiving: For  encouragement in our Messy Church and Friday Tea Party groups.
Prayers: For all the preparations for the vicar's retirement in July after 28 years.
ACP: Kinkiizi (Uganda): Dan Zoreka

8th December, Welwyn Hatfield Ayot St Peter David Munchin, Susannah Underwood, Philip Waller, Dominic Holroyd-Thomas, (Rs) Usha Hull, Colin Hull, Catherine Jupp, John Burnapp, Mick Simmons

Thanksgiving: A new treasurer.
Prayers: A lavatory.
ACP: Kinshasa (Congo): Achille Mutshindu

9th December, Welwyn Hatfield Bishop’s Hatfield St Etheldreda with St Luke Darren Collins, Penny Thomson, (PTO) William Clocksin, Sue Stilwell, Carl Garner (R) John Barnard

Thanksgiving: For the planning of the West End Project, that it will make St Etheldreda’s accesable all year round.
Prayers: For the night shelter at St Lukes, and the guest who will use it over the winter period.
ACP: Falkland Islands (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury); Falkland Islands (Parish of): (Canterbury, Falkland Islands): Timothy Thornton

10th December, Welwyn Hatfield Bishop’s Hatfield St John In vacancy, (R) Vivien Marlow

Thanksgiving: Increased number of infant and adult baptisms.
Prayers: A new Team Vicar to fill the post.
ACP: Kirinyaga (Kenya): Joseph Kibuchwa

11th December, Welwyn Hatfield Bishop’s Hatfield St Michael and All Angels Paul Seymour

Thanksgiving: Thats the summer fete was a success. 
Prayers: For younger families to join us.
ACP: Kisangani (Congo): Lambert Funga Botolome; Nord Kivu (Congo): Muhindo Isesomo

12th December, Welwyn Hatfield Codicote Philip Waller, (R) Paul Evenett

Thanksgiving: The willingness of church members to serve the community together, whilst offering worship on Sundays in very different styles.
Prayers: For us all to make the most of opportunities at Christmas to bring friends and neighbours to church.
ACP: Kita Kanto (Japan): Zerubbabel Katsuichi Hirota

13th December, Welwyn Hatfield Datchworth Susannah Underwood, (R) Catherine Jupp

Thanksgiving: For a congregation that is joyful and hard working!
Prayers: For 'Choc 'n' Chat' - a group starting this term for teenagers to explore faith. 
ACP: Kitale (Kenya): Stephen Kewasis; Suffragan Bishop of Kitale (Kenya): Samson Tuliapus

14th December, Welwyn Hatfield Digswell Rob Marshall, (PTO) Margaret Cotton, John Cotton, Mike Shaw, (R) Rose Lloyd, (LLWs) Diana Holt, Ida Antwi

Thanksgiving: For community contacts across the parish during Advent.
Prayers: As the new Parish of Digswell emerges following pastoral reorganisation.
ACP: Kitgum (Uganda): Vacant

15th December, Welwyn Hatfield Hatfield Hyde, St Mary Magdalene

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kitui (Kenya): Josephat Mule

16th December, Welwyn Hatfield Lemsford Paul Seymour

Thanksgiving: That our MAP planning work is proving to be be a big positive in the life of the church.
Prayers: That we find ways of encouraging children and parents from our school to attend church more.
ACP: Kivu (Rwanda): Augustin Ahimana

17th December, Welwyn Hatfield North Mymms In Vacancy

Thanksgiving: For all the visiting Priests and Readers plus the other ministers in the Hatfield Team, who have helped to guide us through our vacancy. We also give thanks for the work of the Churchwardens, especially during the vacancy.
Prayers: For the successful appointment of a new Team Vicar and the continued spiritual growth of our Parish.
ACP: Kobe (Japan): Augustine Naoaki Kobayashi

18th December, Welwyn Hatfield Panshanger Hayley Young

Thanksgiving: Praise God for the new people coming into the church, the baptisms and new membership.
Prayers: For the ongoing development of our Christian witness in the community. 
ACP: Koforidua (Ghana, West Africa): Felix Odei Annancy

19th December, Welwyn Hatfield Tewin Susannah Underwood, (R) Mr Mick Simmons

Thanksgiving: For the encounters we have through the occasional offices. 
Prayers: For our work with young families, that it may bear fruit. 
ACP: Kollam - Kottarakkara (South India): Vacant; Krishna-Godavari (South India): George Cornelious

20th December, Welwyn Hatfield Welwyn and Woolmer Green David Munchin, Susannah Underwood, Philip Waller, Dominic Holroyd-Thomas, (Rs) Usha Hull, Colin Hull, Catherine Jupp, John Burnapp, Mick Simmons

Thanksgiving: Successful pantomime.
Prayers: Rector makes it back from extended study leave.
ACP: Kondoa (Tanzania): Given Gaula

21st December, Welwyn Hatfield Welwyn Garden City Jenny Fennell, Liz Lavelle, (Rs) Carolyn Annand, Joan Gilbert

Thanksgiving: For the Christmas Tree Festival and Schools Week.
Prayers: For all who will worship with us over Christmas.
ACP: Kongor (Upper Nile, South Sudan): Gabriel Thuch Agoth Deng

22nd December, Wheathampstead Ayot St Lawrence

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kontagora (Lokoja, Nigeria): Jonah Ibrahim

23rd December, Wheathampstead Flamstead

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kubwa (Abuja, Nigeria): Duke Akamisoko

24th December, Wheathampstead Harpenden Dennis Stamps, Linda Williams, Sally Goodson, James Hadley, (L) Nicholas Goulding, (Rs) Pauline Gilbert, Jenny Goulding, Jacquie Hibbert, Andrew Marsh, Brenda Marshall, Edmund Marshall, Heather Richards, Gill White, Rachel Wakefield, (LLW) Gordon Bentley, Elizabeth De Jong, Nina Featherstone, Richard Hurst, Jean McIntosh, Christy Monson, Hilary Pask, Victoria Platt, Christine Powell, Suzanne Rose

Thanksgiving: For sound and light project and 800th anniversary celebrations at St Nicholas church, completion of Golden Jubilee Baptistry window at All Saints, continued growth of St Mary's.
Prayers: For our parish mission to children, families and young people.
ACP: Kuching (South East Asia): Danald Jute; Ast Bishop of Kuching (South East Asia):

25th December, Christmas Day

Festival: Christmas Day
Thanksgiving: The birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Prayers: That the world may know the light of Jesus, Immanuel, God with us
ACP: Solomon Cheong Sung Voon

26th December, Wheathampstead Harpenden, St John

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kumi (Uganda): Thomas Irigei

27th December, Wheathampstead Kimpton

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kushtia (Bangladesh): Samuel Sunil Mankhin

28th December, Wheathampstead Markyate Street, St John the Baptist

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kutigi (Lokoja, Nigeria): Jeremiah Kolo; Kwara (Kwara, Nigeria): Olusegun Adeyemi

29th December, Wheathampstead Redbourn Will Gibbs, Tim Vickers, (R) Kay Vernon

Thanksgiving: For the vocations to various forms of ministry that have been nurtured in recent years.
Prayers: For our plans for a parish pilgrimage in 2019.
ACP: Kwoi (Abuja, Nigeria): Paul Zamani

30th December, Wheathampstead Sandridge Em Coley

Thanksgiving: The ministry of Rev Peter Crumpler and the work God has done through him in the 5 years he has been at St Leonard’s
Prayers: Ongoing development of links with our community, and new opportunities.
ACP: Kyoto (Japan): Stephen Takashi Kochi

31st December, Wheathampstead Wheathampstead

Prayers: We pray for the people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Kyushu (Japan): Luke Ken-ichi Muto


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