Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Daily Prayers

Regular prayer diary

14th October, Sharnbrook Podington with Farndish

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Portsmouth (England): Christopher Foster; Colorado (ECUSA): Kym Lucas; Kongor (South Sudan): Gabriel Thuch Agot

15th October, Sharnbrook Ravensden Tim Wilson, (PTO) David Miller, (R) Geraldine Skinner

Thanksgiving: A wonderful Flower & Craft festival which drew in huge numbers over a whole weekend.
Prayers: For creative ways to use our beautiful ancient but simple Grade 1 listed building to reach and welcome in our small and scattered community. Pray for Anna Spyropoulos as she starts as new Headteacher of our VA School in September.
ACP: Pretoria (Southern Africa): Allan John Kannemeyer; Concepcion (Chile): Enrique Lago Zugadi

16th October, Sharnbrook Riseley James Isaacs, (Rs) Richard White, Lynda Simister

Thanksgiving: The appointment of a Children and Families worker.
Prayers: For the gospel to continue to go out faithfully across Riseley.
ACP: Puerto Rico (ECUSA): Rafael Morales Maldonado, Suff: Wilfrido Ramos Orench; Connecticut (ECUSA): Ian Douglas, Suff: Laura Ahrens; Connor (Ireland): Alan Francis Abernethy

17th October, Sharnbrook Sharnbrook

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Pune (North India): Sharad Yuvraj Gaikwad; Cork, Cloyne & Ross (Ireland): William Paul Colton

18th October, Sharnbrook Shelton Stephen Holroyd

Festival: Luke the Evangelist
Thanksgiving: The Stodden Churches journey together
Prayers: The development of a new Stodden mission action plan
ACP: Qu'Appelle (Canada): Robert Hardwick; Costa Rica (Central America): Orlando Gomez; Kontagora (Nigeria): Jonah Ibrahim

19th October, Sharnbrook Stagsden Catherine Wilson, Paula Vennells, (PTO) Di Harpham

Thanksgiving: The successful installation of a roof alarm.
Prayers: For greater enagagement between village people and the church.
ACP: Quebec (Canada): Bruce Myers; Coventry (England): Christopher Cocksworth, Suff: John Stroyan; Krishna-Godavari (South India): George Cornelious Tantepudi

20th October, Sharnbrook Stevington

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Pray for the Church in the Province of the West Indies

21st October, Sharnbrook Swineshead Stephen Holroyd

Thanksgiving: The Stodden Churches journey together.
Prayers: The development of a new Stodden Mission Action Plan.
ACP: Raiwind (Pakistan): Azad Marshall; Cuba (ECUSA): Griselda Delgado Del Carpio; Kubwa (Nigeria): Duke Akamisoko

22nd October, Sharnbrook Thurleigh (LEP)

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rajasthan (North India): Darbara Singh: Cueibet (South Sudan): Elijah Muteny Awet

23rd October, Sharnbrook Turvey

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rayalaseema (South India): B D Prasada Rao; Cuernavaca (Mexico): Enrique Treviño Cruz; Curitiba (Brazil): Naudal Alves Gomes (Primate):

24th October, Sharnbrook Wilden Tim Wilson, (PTO) David Miller, (R) Geraldine Skinner

Thanksgiving: The growth and vitality of our Junior Choir and great links with our VA School.
Prayers: For our long term plan to create more flexible welcome space at the back of the church.
ACP: Recife (Brazil): João Cancio Peixoto; Cuttack (North India): Surendra Kumar Nanda

25th October, Sharnbrook Wymington

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rejaf (South Sudan): Edward Tombe; Cyangugu (Rwanda): Nathan Amooti Rusengo; Kuching (South East Asia): Danald Jute; Kuching (South East Asia): Solomon Cheong Sung Voon, Suff: Nelson Ugas Bulang

26th October, Sharnbrook Yelden Stephen Holroyd

Thanksgiving: The Stodden Churches journey together.
Prayers: For the development of a new Stodden Mission Action Plan.
ACP: Remo (Nigeria): Michael Fape; Cyprus and the Gulf (Jerusalem & Middle East): Michael Augustine Owen Lewis; Kumasi (West Africa): Daniel Sarfo (Primate):

27th October, St Albans Aldenham Robert Fletcher

Thanksgiving: For the Team Retreat and the Confirmation Service.
Prayers: For children's work.
ACP: The Church of Ceylon (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury); Dhiloraj Ranjit Canagasabey - Bishop of Colombo; Keerthisiri Fernando - Bishop of Kurunegala

28th October, St Albans Bricket Wood Kylie Hodgins, (PTO) David Veness, (Rs) Paul Littlefair, Richard Wilkins

Thanksgiving: A good start to our Messy Church-style event.
Prayers: For musicians to help lead our sung worship.
ACP: Renk (South Sudan): Joseph Garang Atem; Daejeon (Korea): Moses Nagjun Yoo (Primate); Kumi (Uganda): Edison Irigei

29th October, St Albans Colney Heath, St Mark

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rhode Island (ECUSA): Nicholas Knisely; Dallas (ECUSA): George R. Sumner, Jr.

30th October, St Albans Frogmore, Holy Trinity

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rift Valley (Tanzania): John Daudi Lupaa; Damaturu (Nigeria): Yohannah A Audu; Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania): Jackson Sosthenes

31st October, St Albans London Colney, St Peter Pat Jones, Philip Green, (R) Rosemary Rawlinson

Prayers: For creative minds to help solve the financial maintenance of our Graveyard; The many Self Support Groups that use our Parch Centre that they may be enabled and empowered to challenge addiction.; Our new initiative of a drop-in contact group for parents, babies and toddlers to encourage fellowship and local connection for young families. To re-energise our Mission Action Plan.
ACP: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Eduardo Coelho Grillo; Davao (Philippines): Jonathan Labasan Casimina

1st November, St Albans Radlett Javaid Iqbal, (PTOs) Christopher Newton, Michael Carter, (Rs) Eileen Bigg, Fiona Holliday

Festival: All Saint's Day
Thanksgiving: The success of our outreach to young families including Messy Cafe and Messy Church.
Prayers: For our worship and a suitable person with gift for leading worship to join us. 
ACP: Rio Grande (ECUSA): Michael Vono; Delaware (ECUSA): Kevin S. Brown; Kurunegala (Ceylon): Keerthisiri Fernando

2nd November, Diocesan Synod

Thanksgiving: For those who give of their time and expertise in serving on the Synod.
Prayers: For wisdom and discernment as the Synod considers the way forward for Living God’s Love over the coming years.
ACP: Rochester (England): James Langstaff, Suff: Simon Burton-Jones; Rochester (ECUSA): Prince Singh; Kushtia (Bangladesh): Samuel Sunil Mankhin (Primate):

3rd November, Retired Clergy in the Diocese

Thanksgiving: For the continuing ministry of retired clergy.
Prayers: For the Clergy Retirement Officers in the diocese - David Lawson, Martin King and Christopher Strong.
ACP: The Church of Bermuda (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury); Nicholas Dill – Bishop of Bermuda

4th November, St Albans Shenley Daniel McCarthy, (ALM) John Hayes

Thanksgiving: Flourishing traditional and new  "festival" style services where many gather and experience God. This included taking 2 shy of 50 people away to Othona for a parish weekend.
Prayers: To renew and revitalise our main Eucharist service in order for it to be accessible and attractive to new families, those new to the area and the ageing in our community. 
ACP: Rockhampton (Australia): David Robinson; Delhi (North India): Warris K. Masih; Kutigi (Nigeria): Jeremiah Kolo

5th November, St Albans St Albans Cathedral Jeffrey John, Abi Thompson, Kevin Walton, Kim Quak-Winslow, Jonathan Llloyd

Thanksgiving: Successful completion of the building project and the opportunities for welcome and learning which it brings
Prayers: Our MAP objectives for growth in congregation, visitors, learners, and sustainability.
ACP: Rokon (South Sudan): Francis Loyo Mori; Derby (England): Vacant, Suff: Janet McFarlane

6th November, St Albans St Albans, Christ Church Jeremy Follett, (PTO) Dele Agbelusi, (Rs) John Truscott, Janet Hill

Thanksgiving: The development of a new ministry team.  Jeremy back after a period of illness.  The weekend away.
Prayers: Our growth strategy.  The needs for a Stewardship Campaign.
ACP: Rorya (Tanzania): John Adiema; Derry & Raphoe (Ireland): Kenneth Good; Dhaka (Bangladesh): Paul Shishir Sarker

7th November, St Albans St Albans, St Luke Mark Slater, David Halsey, (Public Preacher) Robert Donald, (R) Kath Clough

Thanksgiving: For 10 years of WOW! (Our Messy Church.)
Prayers: Renewal of home groups and discipleship formation.
ACP: Ruaha (Tanzania): Joseph Mgomi; Diocese in Europe (England): David Hamid, Suff: Robert Innes; Europe (ECUSA): Pierre Whalon

8th November, St Albans St Albans, St Mary Marshalswick

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rumbek (South Sudan): Alapayo Manyang Kuctiel, Suff: Elizabeth Awor Ngor; The Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands (West Indies): Laish Boyd; Kwara (Nigeria): Olusegun Adeyemi

9th November, St Albans St Albans, St Michael with St Mary Childwick Green Kenneth Padley, Charles King, (PTO) John Hayton

Thanksgiving: The completed extension at St Mary's Childwick; the new people who can now access the church.
Prayers: For further flourishing and expansion of our home groups.
ACP: The Free State (formerly Bloemfontein): (Southern Africa): Dintoe Letloenyane

10th November, St Albans St Albans, St Paul

Festival: Remembrance Sunday
Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: The Lusitanian Church (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury); Jorge Pina Cabral - Bishop of the Lusitanian Church

11th November, St Albans St Albans, St Peter Mark Dearnley, Alex Huzzey, Em Coley, (PTOs) Gill Keir, Jan Neale, (Rs) Ruth Dearnley, Richard Butler, Margaret Tinsley

Festival: Armistice Day
Thanksgiving: Our ongoing ministry and relationship to the city centre networks and community.
Prayers: Our ministry among children and youth.
ACP: Rumonge (Burundi): Pedaculi Birakengana; On the Coast formerly (Ikale-Ilaje): (Nigeria): J Ebunoluwa Ogunele; Kwoi (Nigeria): Paul Zamani

12th November, St Albans St Albans, St Saviour

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Rupert's Land (Canada): Geoffrey J Woodcroft; Dogura (Papua New Guinea): Tennyson Bogar

13th November, St Albans St Albans, St Stephen Becky Leach, Patrick Moriarty, Kirsty Wainwright, (PTO) Martin Banister, Clare Baynes, Geoff Lackey, Allan Medforth, (R) Stephanie Willcocks

Thanksgiving: Ongoing creative ministry and mission connected with our MAP; for a growing and collaborative team of ordained and lay leaders.
Prayers: For our children and youth ministry, and among families in our community.
ACP: Rutana (Burundi): Pontien Ribakare; Doko (Nigeria): Uriah Kolo; Dominican Republic (ECUSA): Moisés Quezada Mota

14th November, Stevenage Graveley with Chivesfield (otherwise Graveley) Dave Brown

Thanksgiving: The faithfulness of the church and stronger links with the local school.
Prayers: For the Lord to strengthen the weary and to raise up more workers.
ACP: Ruwenzori (Uganda): Reuben Kisembo; Dornakal (South India): Vadapalli Prasada Rao

15th November, Stevenage Knebworth

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Sabah (South East Asia): Melter Jiki Tais, Suff: John Yeo; Down & Dromore (Ireland): Harold Creeth Miller

16th November, Stevenage Stevenage, All Saints, Pin Green

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Sabongidda-Ora (Nigeria): Augustine E Ohilebo; Dublin & Glendalough (Ireland): Michael Jackson

17th November, Stevenage Stevenage, Holy Trinity Ruth Carroll, Andy Thomas, (Rs) Clive Bell, Anne Price, Keith Battarbee

Thanksgiving: For both church buildings and all our volunteers.
Prayers: As we worship, care, love and share: inviting all and living God’s love.
ACP: The Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury); Carlos López-Lozano - Bishop of Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church

18th November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Andrew and St George

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Saldanha Bay (Southern Africa): Raphael Hess; Duk (South Sudan): Daniel Deng Abot, Suff: Thomas Tut Gany

19th November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Hugh and St John, Chells (LEP) Chandrika Perera

Thanksgiving: The work of the Holy Spirit and our new Toddler Group which started in September.
Prayers: Prayers as we work on a new MAP.
ACP: Salisbury (England): Nicholas Holtam, Suffs: Edward Condry, Karen Gorham; Dunedin (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia): Steven Benford

20th November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Mary, Shephall Vivienne Hathaway

Thanksgiving: The Alpha course.
Prayers: Plans for beginning a new Family Service.
ACP: Sambalpur (North India): Pinuel Dip; Dunkwa-on-Offin (West Africa): Edmund Dawson Ahmoah; Durgapur (North India): Probal Kanto Dutta

21st November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Nicholas Dave Brown 

Thanksgiving: The 8 months out of our building due to renovations and opportunities to witness more widely.
Prayers: For our Christmas planning as we'll still be out of our building - for wisdom, courage and a rich harvest!
ACP: San Diego (ECUSA): Katharine Jefferts Schori; Durham (England): Paul Butler, Suff: Mark Bryant

22nd November, Stevenage Stevenage, St Peter, Broadwater Kate Sharples, Paul Foster, (Rs) Richard Brooks, Obi Eneli, Gordon Baillie

Thanksgiving: For Paul, our new, Curate who started in July.
Prayers: For all the Christmas Schools work.
ACP: San Joaquin (ECUSA): David Rice; Dutse (Nigeria): Markus Yohanna Danbinta; Kyoto (Japan): Stephen Takashi Kochi

23rd November, Watford Abbots Langley

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Santiago (Chile): Hector Zavala Muñoz; Santiago (Philippines): Frenzel Ray P Piluden

24th November, Watford Bushey Guy Edwards, Tim Vickers, Andy Burgess

Thanksgiving: The diversity of the churches and mission activities.
Prayers: For prayerful listening, gracious conversation, imaginion and courage in discerning a new parish vision.
ACP: The Falkland Islands (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury); Timothy Thornton - Bishop to the Forces and Bishop to the Falkland Islands

25th November, Watford Bushey Heath, St Peter Andrew Burton, (PTO) Sr. Diana Burton, CA

Thanksgiving: Effective relationships with those of other faiths.
Prayers: For inspiration concerning the role of the parish church in the community.
ACP: Sao Paulo (Brazil): Flavio Augusto Borges Irala; East Carolina (ECUSA): Robert Skirving

26th November, Watford Langleybury, St Paul

Festival: Christ the King
Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Sapele (Nigeria): Blessing Erifeta; East Kerala (South India): Kayalakkakathu George Daniel

27th November, Watford Leavesden, All Saints Eddie Green, (PTOs) Peter Banyard, Lucy Dallas, (Rs) Sue Oxlade, Charles Porter, Wendy Simpson

Thanksgiving: The growth of Tots and Teddies, Lighthouse Cafe and Place.
Prayers: Our financial provision for Mission.
ACP: Saskatchewan (Canada): Michael Hawkins, Suff: Adam Halkett; East Ruwenzori (Uganda): George Turyasingura; East Tennessee (ECUSA): Brian Lee Cole

28th November, Watford Oxhey, All Saints

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Saskatoon (Canada): David Irving; Eastern Himalayas (North India): Vacant

29th November, Watford Oxhey, St Matthew David Shepherd

Thanksgiving: Our young people.
Prayers: Our building project.
ACP: Sebei (Uganda): Paul Kiptoo Masaba; Eastern Kowloon (Hong Kong): Timothy Kwok; Kyushu (Japan): Luke Ken-ichi Muto

30th November, Canons of the Cathedral

Thanksgiving: The many ministries represented by the college of canons across the Diocese of St Albans.
Prayers: The work of the Cathedral in the supporting the parishes, ministries, and communities of the Diocese.
ACP: Sekondi (West Africa): Alexander Asmah; Eastern Michigan (ECUSA): Todd Ousley

1st December, Watford Watford

Festival: Advent Sunday
Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: For mission agencies and their work throughout the Anglican Communion

2nd December, Watford Watford, Christ Church and St Mark Duncan Campbell, (R) Sue Pankhurst

Thanksgiving: Small signs of growth.
Prayers: Growth in our Ministry Team.
ACP: Seoul (Korea): Peter Lee; Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador (Canada): Geoffrey Peddle

3rd December, Watford Watford, St Andrew (LEP) Ian Pankhurst

Thanksgiving: Congregation in good heart at all levels.
Prayers: Making a culture of invitation work effectively.
ACP: Seychelles (Indian Ocean): James Richard Wong Yin Song (Primate); Eastern Oregon (ECUSA): Patrick Bell

4th December, Watford Watford, St John David Stevenson

Thanksgiving: The growth and development of our Parish Community Youth Group - The HUB.
Prayers: For our Church Wardens - Colin Jones and Jenny Nickson.
ACP: Sheffield (England): Pete Wilcox, Suff: Peter Burrows Eastern Zambia (Central Africa): William Mchombo; Easton (ECUSA): Santosh Marray

5th December, Watford Watford, St Luke

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Shinyanga (Tanzania): Johnson Chinyong'ole; Eau Claire (ECUSA): William Lambert

6th December, Watford Watford, St Michael and All Angels (LEP)

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Shyira (Rwanda): Laurent Mbanda (Primate); Edinburgh (Scotland): John Armes

7th December, Watford Watford, St Peter In Vacancy, (Rs)  Mike White, Colin Heath

Thanksgiving: 28 years faithful ministry of Chris Cottee.
Prayers: For the process of selecting a new Vicar.
ACP: Shyira (Rwanda): Samuel M Mugisha; Edmonton (Canada): Jane Alexander

8th December, Welwyn Hatfield Ayot St Peter David Munchin, Susannah Underwood, Philip Waller, Dominic Holroyd-Thomas, (Rs) Usha Hull, Colin Hull, John Burnapp, Catherine Jupp, Mick Simmons

Thanksgiving: Weekly services.
Prayers: A compostable lavatory.
ACP: The work of the Mothers’ Union around the world; Sheran Harper - Worldwide President; Bev Jullien - Chief Executive

9th December, Welwyn Hatfield Bishop’s Hatfield St Etheldreda with St Luke Darren Collins, Penny Thomson, Sue Stillwell, (PTOs) William Clocksin, Carl Garner, (R) John Barnard, Mary Rathbone

Thanksgiving: The West End Project, that it will make St Etheldreda’s accessible for the whole of the community.
Prayers: For the new night shelter at Resolve, and the guest who will use it over the winter period.
ACP: Shyogwe (Rwanda): Jered Kalimba; Egba (Nigeria): Emmanuel Adekunle; Lafia (Nigeria): Godwin A Robinson

10th December, Welwyn Hatfield Bishop’s Hatfield St John

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Sialkot (Pakistan): Alwin John Samuel; Egba West (Nigeria): Samuel Ajani

11th December, Welwyn Hatfield Bishop’s Hatfield St Michael and All Angels Paul Seymour, (R) Dr Dave Gunn

Thanksgiving: Recent decorating, and planned refreshment of toilet facilities to make our hall and church more accessible. 
Prayers: Our exploration of being a church that is welcoming to all, in Hatfield.
ACP: Singapore (South East Asia): Rennis Ponniah, Suff: Low Jee King; Egbu (Nigeria): Geoffrey Okoroafor; Egypt (Jerusalem & Middle East): Mouneer Hanna Anis, Suff: Samy Fawzy

12th December, Welwyn Hatfield Codicote Philip Waller

Thanksgiving: The integration of two congregations into one Service during the second half of the year.
Prayers: The Church's outreach to children and their families at Christmas and other times of the year.
ACP: Sittwe (Myanmar): James Min Dein; Eha - Amufu (Nigeria): Daniel Olinya

13th December, Welwyn Hatfield Datchworth Susannah Underwood, (R) Catherine Jupp

Thanksgiving: Continued harmony and working together within our church.
Prayers: Inspiration and guidance in taking forward our MAP.
ACP: Sittwe (Myanmar): Moses Tun Pa; Ekiti (Nigeria): Christopher Tayo Omotunde; Ekiti Kwara (Nigeria): Andrew Ajayi; Ekiti Oke (Nigeria): Isaac Olubowale; Ekiti West (Nigeria): Rufus V A Adepoju

14th December, Welwyn Hatfield Digswell Rob Marshall, Selina Evans, (PTOs) John Cotton, Margaret Cotton, Mike Shaw, (R) Rose Lloyd, (LLWs) Ida Antwi, Lesley Haire, Diana Holt

Thanksgiving: Increased financial stability and a growing sense of 'parish' rather than individual churches.
Prayers: For the Haldens area of the parish as we look to reach out to the local community.
ACP: Sodor & Man (England): Peter Eagles; El Camino Real (ECUSA): Mary Gray-Reeves

15th December, Welwyn Hatfield Hatfield Hyde, St Mary Magdalene In Vacancy; (PTO) Martin King, (R) Caroline Duke

Thanksgiving: For the development at All Saints.
Prayers: For the churchwardens and ministry team during the Vacancy and for the person who will be appointed to the parish, that they will be able to lead the parish in its renewed mission through the All Saints Parish Centre.
ACP: Sokoto (Nigeria): Augustin Omole; El Salvador (Central America): Juan David Alvarado Melgar

16th December, Welwyn Hatfield Lemsford Paul Seymour

Thanksgiving: Depth of our relationship with our School as seen by the recent SIAMs report
Prayers: For the successful conclusion of our new MAP. 
ACP: South Ankole (Uganda): Nathan Ahimbisibwe; Eldoret (Kenya): Christopher Ruto

17th December, Welwyn Hatfield North Mymms Ruth Barr

Thanksgiving: The Ministry of our new Team Vicar, Ruth
Prayers: Growth of the Parish and Hatfield Team, both spiritually and in numbers.
ACP: South Dakota (ECUSA): John Tarrant; El-Obeid (Sudan): Ismail Gabriel Abudigin

18th December, Welwyn Hatfield Panshanger

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: South Kerala (South India): Dharmaraj Rasalam; Ely (England): Stephen Conway, Suff: David Thomson; Embu (Kenya): David Muriithi Ireri

19th December, Welwyn Hatfield Tewin Susannah Underwood

Thanksgiving: The joy of family life and for those who reach out to help the homeless.
Prayers: For the safety of all children during the holiday.
ACP: South Rwenzori (Uganda): Jackson Nzerebende; Enugu (Nigeria): Emmanuel Chukwuma; Enugu North (Nigeria): Sosthenes Eze

20th December, Welwyn Hatfield Welwyn and Woolmer Green David Munchin, Susannah Underwood, Philip Waller, Dominic Holroyd-Thomas, (Rs) Usha Hull, Colin Hull, John Burnapp, Catherine Jupp, Mick Simmons

Thanksgiving: CratTea Messy Church.  
Prayers: Christmas services.
ACP: South West Tanganyika (Tanzania): Matthew Mhagama; Esan (Nigeria): Friday Imaekhai

21st December, Welwyn Hatfield Welwyn Garden City Jenny Fennell, Liz Lavelle, (Rs) Joan Gilbert, Carolyn Annand

Thanksgiving: The many who have engaged with Advent and Christmas activities in school & church.
Prayers: Increase in personnel resources for ministry.
ACP: Etche (Nigeria): Precious Nwala; Etsako (Nigeria): Jacob Bada

22nd December, Wheathampstead Ayot St Lawrence Linda Williams

Thanksgiving: Faithfulness of the small congregation and increasing occasional services.
Prayers: A new MAP. For more willing hands to grow the church.
ACP: For Christians in other denominations and the work of the ecumenical movement; His Holiness Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome; His All Holiness Archbishop Bartholomew of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch; Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches; Bishop Ivan M Abrahams, General Secretary World Methodist Council; Chris Ferguson, General Secretary of the World Communion of Reformed Churches

23rd December, Wheathampstead Flamstead

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Evo (Nigeria): Innocent Ordu; Exeter (England): Robert Atwell, Suffs: Nick McKinnel, Jackie Searle

24th December, Wheathampstead Harpenden Dennis Stamps, Sally Goodson, James Hadley, (L) Nick Goulding, (PTOs) Paul Manuel, Janet Spicer, (Rs) Pauline Gilbert, Jenny Goulding, Jacquie Hibbert, Andrew Marsh, Hilary Pask, Rachel Wakefield, Brenda Marshall, Edmund Marshall, Heather Richards, Gill White

Thanksgiving: The growth families attending our Fresh Expression, Simply Worship. 
Prayers: Pray for the new clergy person who will be ministering at All Saints.
ACP: Ezo (South Sudan): John Kereboro Zawo; Faisalabad (Pakistan): John Samuel

25th December,

Festival: Christmas Day
Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: For the Peace of Jerusalem and the People of Bethlehem; Falkland Islands (Parish of): (Falkland Islands): Timothy Thornton; False Bay (Southern Africa): Margaret Vertue; Federal Ministries (ECUSA): Carl Wright, Suff: James Magness

26th December, Wheathampstead Harpenden, St John Berkeley Zych, James Brown, (PTO) Julia White, (Rs) Lauryn Awbrey, Anne Edwards, David Nye, (LLW) Emma Bresslaw

Thanksgiving: The people we reached in the community through Christmas celebrations and events.
Prayers: For all those who are alone or isolated in the parish, especially over the Christmas season, and that we might be better at supporting them.
ACP: Fianarantsoa (Indian Ocean): Gilbert Rateloson Rakotondravelo; Florida (ECUSA): John Howard

27th December, Wheathampstead Kimpton Linda Williams, (R) Andrew Morton

Thanksgiving: Many church outreach activities; the strong school link.
Prayers: Our new vision to be a hub for service to our village.
ACP: Fond du Lac (ECUSA): Matthew Alan Gunter; Fort Worth (ECUSA): Scott Mayer

28th December, Wheathampstead Markyate Street, St John the Baptist

Thanksgiving: The people of the church and the community they serve
ACP: Fredericton (Canada): David Edwards; Freetown (Sierra Leone): (West Africa): Thomas Arnold Ikunika Wilson

29th December, Wheathampstead Redbourn Will Gibbs, (R) Kay Vernon

Thanksgiving: The generous sharing of time and talents in the life of our church.
Prayers: For our ministry with older teenagers and students.
ACP: Gahini (Rwanda): Alexis Bilindabagabo, Suff: Manasseh Gahima; Gambia (West Africa): James Allen Yaw Odico

30th December, Wheathampstead Sandridge In Vacancy

Thanksgiving: All who are supporting us during our Vacancy.
Prayers: Pray for the work of the Churchwardens during the Vacancy.
ACP: Gasabo (Rwanda): Onesphore Rwaje; Gboko (Nigeria): Emmanuel Nyitsse

31st December, Wheathampstead Wheathampstead Richard Banham, Kate Daymond, (Rs) Claire Banham, Pippa Legg, Roger Payne, Carol Hopper, John Grace

Thanksgiving: Continued growth at the variety of Services inc. Tea Time Church and Evensong.
Prayers: Children’s Communion Preparation classes.
ACP: George (Southern Africa): Brian Marajh; Georgia (ECUSA): Scott Benhase


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  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities