Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Albury, St Mary version: 2

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Albury, Little Hadham and Much Hadham


Bishop's Stortford




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Our Looking

Things seen about our local community

  • A dispersed rural parish that has managed to retain a strong sense of community despite being six separate hamlets and supportive of the church, e.g. monies raised at Village Hall Afternoon Teas are given in support of the church.
  • A broad range of housing, but biased towards more expensive, so limited social of affordable housing. Many find it hard to stay
  • The school has 50% or less pupils who live in the village. There is a close relationship between church and voluntary aided primary school, with fortnightly assemblies in church and (at least) termly school services.

Our Discerning

Vision (for five years' time)

Growth in service to our community as we grow numerically and spirituality.

Current Situation

From our Parish Statistics for Mission, we see that we are / have...

We have a close-knit congregation at St Mary's – a small church with a big heart. We are an ageing congregation and there are no children or younger families in our regular congregation (but families from the wider community attend special services, e.g. the family carol service). We do have provision for children and families in the wider Benefice. We need to reach out to people in the wider community, broadening the age range within the church so that we grow spiritually and numerically, enabling us to serve the community.

Priorities (for the next five years)

  • To broaden the demographic within the church to match more closely that of our community
  • Link in with activities across the Benefice in order to re-establish ministry among children and families.

Goals (for the next year)

  • Improve our follow-up with families after baptisms, Harvest Service, Carol Service etc.
  • Develop a children’s activity during the village hall monthly afternoon teas.
  • Grow ministry among young people of secondary school age through the Benefice youth group which has changed its venue to Albury Village Hall
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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities