Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

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Luton, St Francis


Luton, St Francis






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Our Looking

Things seen about our local community

  • The parish has a focal point around ASDA in which we have little or no presence.
  • We have a huge employer in the form of the Airport within our boundaries.
  • We are a diverse parish - both ethnically and in terms of affluence.

Three things we have seen about our church

  • We are blessed with a growing number of young families and children.
  • We have a very small amount of youth.
  • Our building is not central in the parish and people are not aware of us.

Our Discerning

Vision (for five years' time)

We seek to be a church whose worship and teaching is grounded in the Bible, where people can encounter God and grow in him and who are active in our community but with our own initiatives and working with partner organizations.

Priorities (for the next five years)

  • To grow in God, in our understanding of him and his word and to become a community of believers that reflects his love.
  • To develop our existing ministry with children and begin offering relevant and transformational youth work that reaches into our community.
  • To have a greater impact on our community for the Kingdom of God.

Goals (for the next year)

  • To appoint a Youth Minister/Missioner by the Summer of 2013.
  • To establish two new home groups each year.
  • To place a chaplain in Wigmore ASDA.
  • To begin providing Messy Church services.
  • To undertake a community consultation to discern needs we can meet.
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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities