Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

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Our Looking

What progress have you made with the Goals from your previous MAP, and what do you want to celebrate?

  • We work collaboratively and are fully participating members of the Chellington Team Ministry; the vicars inspire us to continue our mission to become an important and useful centre of the community.
  • We have been working to consider ways of involving all ages to be involved in Church related events through our Friends.
  • We have continued to ensure strict budgetary control to ensure the church is available for all and to continue our mission.

What Goals did you set where you saw less progress than you would have liked?

  • There has been little progress in church attendance or people wanting to be involved. As a small committee and with an ageing congregation, there is a limit to the energy that can be expended. Therefore, we have been organising activities in our Church Room to encourage people to come together in a friendly and 'non-threatening' environment. As a caring community, it has been noted as a priority to assist in all that we can.
  • Now that we have fewer services in our Church, it has been difficult. Our vicars have a tight schedule and there is no room for family type services in our church though they do take place within the team. We plan to start an informal café Sunday in our Church Room to encourage people to come to a non threatening environment.

Things seen about our local community

  • Stevington has become an increasingly vibrant village in terms of social opportunities.
  • There is a need to look outward for charity fund-raising and support.
  • Our parish is extremely fortunate in having a close-knit community.

How have you begun to engage with these concerns / needs / issues?

  • Vulnerable adults and loneliness in the village community is a big concern. We are applying for grants and raising money to develop our Church Room to become a community hub. We are applying for a much needed disability ramp.
  • We have installed wifi in the Church Room and, through the charity Wavelength, have obtained screens and 4 tablets to assist and enable older people to become more conversant with technology.
  • We have organised a range of family and all age events to encourage people to come together throughout the year. We are intending to hold informal Café Sunday type events when there is no led service in the Church.

Our Discerning

Vision (for five years' time)

As a fully participating member of the Chellington Team Ministry, we have a rector and vicar who: (i) work collaboratively and strategically with enthusiasm, (ii) are well known to us and who inspire us to continue our mission to become the centre of our community, (iii) inspire and encourage us as we navigate the way forward, (iv) are good communicators with pastoral hearts, happy to engage with people at every level of faith, or none.

Current Situation

From our Parish Statistics for Mission, we see that we are / have...

seem to be in the same position without moving forward. Church attendance has not dropped substantially but, with an ageing congregation, it is becoming depleted and no younger people are coming forward. However, villagers do like to participate in events that are held on behalf of the Church. We have to work on changing attitudes and show that we are welcoming and flexible - this is not the perception held by many.

Priorities (for the next five years)

  • To continue to encourage new worshippers to take an active role in services and in the life of the church. Encourage and involve young people in the life of the church. Empower and enable lay people to share in ministry and mission. The success of these priorities is largely dependent upon the collaboration of the Team Rector and Team Vicar yet to be appointed.
  • To continue encouragement of the use of the church for special services as well as other social events, eg. musical concerts. It is important to our church that the new Priests in Charge should have a flexible approach and be ecumenically minded.
  • To ensure continuance of funding by budgetary control so that we can continue our mission.

Goals (for the next year)

  • To increase the number of regular worshippers to 25 plus by the year 2021.
  • To establish a sustainable pattern of activities targeted at younger members of the community.
  • To increase support for the vulnerable members of our community through pastoral care.
  • To establish a way of working within our cluster of eight parishes.
  • To increase the membership and activities of The Friends of St Mary's.
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