Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

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Our Looking

Things seen about our local community

  • That we live in an ever-changing parish where the Christian population is falling and in a world where the social, cultural and technological rate of change is accelerating.
  • That we are an essentially traditional church drawn from a diverse community that increasingly extends beyond our parish boundary.
  • That there is still a hankering desire for a stronger community spirit.

Three things we have seen about our church

  • That there is a warm welcome to our church.
  • That friendship, fellowship and loving support are much appreciated.
  • That we encompass a wide breadth of views and opinions.

Our Discerning

Vision (for five years' time)

Our vision statement is: 'We aim to be a vibrant, welcoming, Christian church at the heart of the community, sharing God's love with everyone.' We include in our vision statement: (i) that we care for our faith by caring for our community, (ii) that outreach and pastoral care are both important, (iii) that a growing and increasingly vibrant Christian presence is vital. How we want to be described in 5 years' time: (i) have affirmed and increased our distinctive Christian presence, (ii) built a stronger sense of community in and beyond our church family, (iii) have increased our profile and grown in faith.

Priorities (for the next five years)

  • Develop our outreach to the community.
  • Develop opportunities to welcome people into church.
  • Develop our music and worship to include working for increased participation by families, children, young people and schools.

Goals (for the next year)

  • Establish a trained team of pastoral carers.
  • Develop outreach via a variety of clubs, or a 'priest in pub' night, etc.
  • Develop and refurbish our buildings and facilities to include a new car park to replace spaces lost outside old Vicarage.
  • Survey our young families and develop strategies to target children and young people via programmes such as 'Messy Mass' or 'Open the Book'.
  • Continue to explore and develop patterns, times and styles of worship.
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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities