Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Pray and Reflect

Praying-handsMany of us will feel the need to respond through prayer at this time of crisis. We would encourage you all to pray for:

  • An end to the conflicts and war, leading to a lasting peace in Syria, the Middle East and East Africa.
  • Government from many countries who are seeking to help at this time, pray they are wise and generous. Pray for their diplomats as they seek a peaceful settlement to the conflicts.
  • The families and individual who are displaced, moving to an unknown future; may they find welcome.
  • Safety on the journey, particularly those travelling by sea, often in perilous conditions. Also pray for those on foot who travel as the weather deteriorates into winter.
  • Those people and agencies who are directly seeking to help, support, feed and house people.
  • For agencies and authorities trying to register, process and transport refugees; pray this is done orderly, but quickly, with compassion and care.

Prayers have been written that you can use and share in, from:

The Church of England

Christian Aid

More articles and reflection for prayers will be added from time to time as the situation moves on and develops – please continue to pray for the refugees.

Watch: BBC Panorama – Europe’s Border Crisis: The Long Road

As Europe witnesses the dramatic movement of people across its borders, Panorama reporter, John Sweeney, joins the thousands making the journey. Not easy to sit through, but this film brings a very personal view to the crisis following adults and children; it is hard not to identify with these people.

Refugee Voices – hear some real stories of refugees first-hand.


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