Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Responsible Finance

ResonsibleFinanceMoney and Finance – we all use it, we’d like to be better with it, many struggle with it, for some it takes over their life, making them happy or very depressed.

Jesus talks about money, it’s central to an understanding of Jubilee, expressed in Luke 4 and Leviticus 25, which is key to the redemptive, transformational gospel which Christ brings to the world.

Talking about our own money and how we manage it has become a taboo issue, and bankers have gone from being one of the most respected professions to one of the least. We need to relate our faith to our finance, on a personal level, but also to help many in our communities who are sinking into debt, helping them out and ensuring others don’t join them.

Many in our communities work in the financial sector, and we want them to be supported in making strong ethical decisions.

We seek to create a responsible and ethical approach to money and finance, and to:

  1. Support people working in financial services, helping them to relate their faith and ethics to their profession.
  2. Promote Credit Unions and other forms of responsible credit and savings, link churches with their local credit unions to develop responses to community needs.
  3. Speak out, joining in with campaigns to see high cost and exploitative forms of credit and financial practice cut out, protecting individuals in our communities.
  4. Talk and Teach about responsible approaches to money and finance, on a personal level, in our churches and in our schools.

We are also aware that one of our parishes, St Andrew’s Bedford, started a Money Advice Centre – in recognition of the need that for many people in their community, debt was a problem.

For any issues in relation to Responsible Finance, please contact: Chris Neilson (Church & Community Officer)

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