Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Seasonal Resources

Seasonal resources from the Flourishing Churches and Youth and Children’s team to inspire your worship planning are offered to you here.

New seasonal resources will be added as they become available, so it is worth checking this page to see what’s new. We will also update existing resources, where possible, if they are affected by changes in government guidelines.

Every context is different; so too are the resources that parishes and benefices have at their disposal. There will not be one idea here that will suit all. We hope that you might find something here that you can use, or that inspires you to come up with something that would work for you. Feel free to cut and paste and change the ideas and resources you find to suit.

Finally, if you have a great idea that you think might be helpful to others, do let us know, and we would be glad to share it here in the hope that it would bless others.

Date/SeasonDescriptionResource Link
Christingle: Advent 29 Nov - Candlemas 2 FebThe Children's Society guide to making the most of a virtual ChristingleVirtual Christingle Guide
Candlemas 2 FebIdeas on celebrating Candlemas, particularly for those churches meeting onlineIdeas for Candlemas
Candlemas 2 FebPrayer card/flyer design that could be printed and distributed with candles to peopleRed and Black Candlemas Prayer Flyer
Candlemas 2 FebPrayer card/flyer design that could be printed and distributed with candles to people - alternative designBrown Minimal Photo Candlemas Prayer Flyer
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprMessy Church at Home, Lent reflectionMessy Church at Home: Be Still
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprAll Age Lent Course, written by our Diocesan Children's Mission Enabler. The course has been adapted for online use, so is ideally for Zoom etcAll-Age Lent Course
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprA 5 chapter book with questions and reflections that can be used by individuals or a group. Paula’s writing is accessible, thought provoking and steeped in her wisdom of Biblical texts and history, as such it is illuminating, thought provoking and hopeful. It is longer than some books and very rich. It could also provide a framework for preaching during lent. It is about £12 so not the cheapest option (review by one of the Flourishing Churches team)Journey to the Empty Tomb
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprThe Prayer Course - based on the Lord's Prayer, there are eight sessions with very good quality video clips, so easy to do online. Produced by 24/7 Prayer. It is free. Lots of supporting resources too, e.g. logos, online publicity etc (review by one of the Flourishing Churches team)The Prayer Course
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprFor many people the past year has felt like a wilderness. Simplicity, sacrifice and sorrow may have become daily realities, yet the Bible is full of characters who have transformational encounters with God in the desert. Worship in the Wilderness
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprEight week course with videos - very professionally filmed. Put out by 'Hope Together'. There is also a Youth Wellbeing Journey by young people for young people, to run in tandem with the adult video seriesThe Wellbeing Journey
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprThe Character Course (this was produced pre-Covid) is an eight week course written by a Christian psychologist and his film maker friend. It covers key themes of Christian discipleship: learning, hope, love, forgiveness, gratitude, humour, persistence and curiosityThe Character Course
Lent: 17 Feb to 3 AprPaula Gooder has posted the PDFs for her Lent course on the Sean Bean TV show “Broken” from a few years ago. Through the lives of a Catholic priest in a deprived area, and some of his parishioners, the series tackles such topics as forgiveness, despair, poverty, police violence, and poverty – and the role faith plays in making sense of these struggles (review by one of the Flourishing Churches team)Broken
Lent & Easter: 17 Feb to 4 AprA private Facebook group for Christian leaders of worship to collaborate for Lent, Holy Week and EasterChurch Leaders Lent Facebook Group
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