Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

The Allder Trust

The Allder Trust represents moneys set aside for the furtherance of the St Albans Board for Social Responsibility’s charitable work amongst young women and their children, specifically in the Luton area. The Trust was established when the Diocese of St Albans was involved in adoption services, an area in which it is no longer active.

The Trustees will use the following criteria when assessing grant applications to The Allder Trust:

Grants will:

  • Be made to reputable organisations (church or secular) or to individuals or families recommended to the Committee by reputable organisations, diocesan clergy or individuals regarded by the Committee as being of standing in the community
  • Be for spending on or made to women under the age of 30 (or in exceptional circumstances up to the age of 35) and/or their children resident in the Borough of Luton
  • Meet at least one of the following objectives:
    • Ease poverty or meet a specific moral or material need
    • Training
    • Support unmarried or deserted mothers or prospective mothers morally and practically
    • Promote understanding and community among young women and their children of different ethnic groups and/or faiths
  • Grants will not be made to finance applications for bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders or other instruments leading to the writing off of debts
  • Where individual applicants are seeking grants to purchase household goods, such as furniture or white goods, the Trustees will expect that they will have first sought to meet their needs from free exchange services such as, and or from reputable second hand outlets, such as Emmaus.
  • Not exceed £5,000 per annum if made to a reputable organisation, or £500 to an individual or her family
  • Grants exceeding £2,000 in total (even if spread across more than one year) should be followed by a brief annual report to the Committee at the end of each year in which a grant is made, advising of the nature of the activities or work funded by the grant and an outline of who the beneficiaries have been.

Download Grant Application Forms below:

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