Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage


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21st – 31st May 2020: Let’s light up the world in prayer!

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Family Resources – click the image

Thy Kingdom Come has gone online! Churches Together has a great set of resources to take you through this season.

Schedule below: scroll down and click the links to see when videos go live.

See more TKC resources on

DateItemLink if requiredContributorsMedia
Thursday 21st MayLaunch + Richard and Rev. Rosemary FletcherVideo
Thursday 21st MayRegional Church Representative Prayer++ ArchbishopText and Image
Thursday 21st MayFamily Prayern/aOdesola FamilyText
Friday 22nd MayRegional Church Representative Prayern/aMajor Heather PoxonText
Friday 22nd MayFamily Tearle FamilyVideo
Friday 22nd Rev. Simon CarverVideo
Saturday 23rd MayRegional Church Representative Rt. Rev. Michael BeasleyVideo and Text
Saturday 23rd MayFamily Cverek FamilyVideo
Saturday 23rd Doral HayesVideo
Sunday 24th MayRegional Church Representative Prayern/aRev. Andrew PrasadText and Image
Sunday 24th MayFamily Lomax FamilyText and Video
Sunday 24th Rev. Rosemary FletcherVideo
Monday 25th MayRegional Church Representative Ven. Jane MainwaringText and Video
Monday 25th MayFamily Flynn-Hayes FamilyText and video
Monday 25th Dr Lynn BassettVideo
Tuesday 26th MayRegional Church Representative Prayern/aRev. Dr David ChapmanText and Image
Tuesday 26th MayFamily Prayern/aPritchard FamilyText
Tuesday 26th Rev. Vicki BrysonVideo
Wednesday 27th MayRegional Church Representative PrayerpdfRt. Rev. Paul McAleenanText and Image
Wednesday 27th MayFamily Nyaongo FamilyVideo only
Wednesday 27th MayReflectionFacebook Live at 7pmCanon Kevin WaltonVideo
Thursday 28th MayRegional Church Representative Doral HayesText and Video
Thursday 28th MayFamily Christensen FamilyPhoto and Video
Thursday 28th Rev. Andrew HollinsVideo
Friday 29th MayRegional Church Representative PrayerpdfRev. Stephen CopsonText and Image
Friday 29th MayFamily Brookes FamilyText and Video
Friday 29th Peter Berners-LeeVideo
Saturday 30th MayRegional Church Representative Prayern/aRt. Rev. David OakleyText and Image
Saturday 30th MayFamily Prayern/aAlino FamilyText
Saturday 30th Ros HancockVideo
Sunday 31st MayRegional Church Representative PrayerpdfRt. Rev. Alan SmithText and image
Sunday 31st MayFamily Prayern/aFillis FamilyVideo and photo
Sunday 31st MayPentecost CelebrationBeacon Event Beds and Herts 6pm
++ Angaelos, Soul Survivor, Ros Hancock and othersVideo

Detailed programme of 2020 streamed events follows soon

Some reflections on ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ in previous years

We have been delighted to see the large number of churches who have participated in Thy Kingdom Come over the last few years – read some encouraging & thoughtful reflections below:

I spent much time praying for people specifically when in our prayer room.  I used the idea of writing their names on stones and after praying for each one I placed them in a small bag – which represented to me they were safe in God’s care ..”

“We have had 6 adults coming to faith – 4 of them were baptised in the summer and 6 confirmed in January.

“A 24 hour Vigil of Prayer was held when people slept overnight in church and services were held throughout the day and night.

“Perhaps the greatest benefits have been seeing the renewed dedication and awareness of the power of prayer and, in particular, feeling the importance of being part of a world-wide community of Christians praying together for God’s Kingdom.”

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