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Walk to Church Sunday

– the second Sunday in May each year


Join with family and friends, and tell your neighbouring churches and your local media that you are doing this as a practical demonstration of concern for our environment.


A few lines from somebody who walked to Church:

‘Once we had recovered from the 6am wake-up call, we were able to take advantage of the early morning sunshine and spectacular countryside that we are so lucky to have around us, but so rarely make time to enjoy.  It felt good to be ‘green’, leaving the car behind and stopping at the petrol station just for drinks and snacks rather than diesel.  Less pollution and a fitter family – although the girls did point out that if they were singing at Matins rather than the 9.30am service, then the 6am start could have been avoided!  Oh well, no pain, no gain …’

Please send in your stories and/or pictures:


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