Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

The Common Fund

The Common Fund for a Common Goal

The work of the church in this diocese is financed through parishes. The vehicle used to collect the money is the Common Fund towards which every parish is asked to make a contribution. The method of assessing how much each parish is asked to pay is known as the Parish Share Scheme.

The budget for the Common Fund is prepared from submissions made by individual boards and committees. It is then reviewed by the Board of Finance and the Bishop’s Council. A presentation is made in the Autumn of each year, to PCC treasurers churchwardens and incumbents. A copy of the budget with notes is sent to every parish treasurer. The Budget is then discussed and voted upon at the October meeting of the diocesan synod. It is this process of review and consultation at every stage of the budget which underlines the accountability of the St Albans DBF to the parishes being asked to meet the cost.

The Common Fund sets aside an amount each year from investment income to provide grants for parishes struggling with their parish share assessment – because it is important that, where possible, pastoral issues rather than financial ones drive change. Parishes are encouraged to pay by standing order or direct debit, and forms for these can be found on a separate page of the Finance Section.

The St Albans Diocesan Board of Finance accounts are audited each year and a copy sent to every member of the diocesan synod. The latest audited accounts can be downloaded from our website from the Board of Finance page.

Common Fund Budget 2020 October Presentations

HertfordMonday 14 October 2019All Saints, Hertford
St AlbansMonday 7 October 2019St Stephens, St Albans
BedfordMonday 30 September 2019St Mary the Virgin, Goldington

Each meeting will start at 7:45 pm. Light refreshment will be provided during the course of the evening, and it is aimed to conclude proceedings by approximately 9:30 pm.

2020  Common Fund Budget

Common Fund Budget 2020 Notes

Common Fund Budget 2020 Figures

2020 Budget Presentation as given at Archdeacons’ meetings

Further information about the Ecclesiastical fundraising trial, publicised at the presentations, can be found here.

Common Fund Out-turn History

2018 Common Fund Result2017 Common Fund Result
2016 Common Fund Result2015 Common Fund Result2014 Common Fund Result
2013 Common Fund Result2012 Common Fund Result2011 Common Fund Result
2010 Common Fund Result2009 Common Fund Result2008 Common Fund Result


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