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Fundraising and Grants

Information on sources of funds for church buildings, mission, community development and other work is under Buildings, Mission Resources and Trust Fund Grants 

Verulam House Fund Trust

This Fund aims to support people and projects that promote education, spirituality, witness and service – and is always pleased to receive requests for financial help.

Download a leaflet about the trust:

Verulam House Fund Trust Leaflet

VHFT Guidance (2009 v3)

VHFT Application Form

Hockerill Education Foundation

The Charity’s main emphasis is to make grants in the field of education in three main areas – Individual grants to support the education and training of teachers; Grants to organisations to support teachers and research and development in religious education; Grants to develop the church’s educational work in the dioceses of Chelmsford and St Albans. Click here to find out more.

National Charitable Grants List

The National Charitable Grants List provides practical information on potential sources of national funding for various church related projects. The list is broken down into 6 funding categories:

1. Conservation, Preservation, Heritage and Restoration
2. Bells, Organs, Windows and Other Specific Funding
3. Community Projects / Improved Facilities
4. Christian / Religious Activities
5. Landfill Communities Fund
6. Lottery Funding Available

You can download the list from:

Accessing Grant Funding

This link will take you to pages provided by The Revd Charles Royden for all clergy in the Diocese of St Albans.

Make the most of your Fundraising

Ecclesiastical Insurance has launched a new guide to help charities maximise their income and awareness through fundraising. ‘Reach new heights with your fundraising: An essential guide for charities‘ includes key tips and advice from leading organisations such as JustGiving and UK Fundraising on how to embrace digital fundraising, social media and improve your grant applications to really make the most out of all opportunities available to you.

Ten Myths

This leaflet from the Department for Commnunities and Local Government helps those applying for funding to provide publicly funded services to address the popular misconceptions about churches and faith communities entitlement to apply for such funding.

Ten Myths

Realising the Potential

This is a Government initiative to help churches and faith communities access existing funding for their work in the community. More information can be found in the following documents.

Realising the Potential– The Full Report


The Archbishops’ Council Parish Resources website contains some helpful information at:  They have also provided the following website to give advice on leaving money to churches in a will: Click here for more information.



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