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Information about Parochial Fees


The Church of England has produced a booklet regarding the paying of fees (updated January 2015)
Guide to the Church of England Parochial Fees (pdf)

A note explaining the payment of fees within the Diocese (updated March 2016)
Guide to the payment of parochial fees in the Diocese

FAQs (updated January 2015)

Guidance from the Legal Office on Crematorium Funerals and Parochial Fees (dated January 2015)


The Record of Parochial Fees to be used in the Diocese is available in either .pdf or .xls:
Record of Parochial Fees (pdf)
Record of Parochial Fees (excel)


Parochial Fees are regulated by Ecclesiastical Law, and the following information is available:

Fees Table 2017 – All items

Fees Table 2016 – Short Summary
Fees Table 2016 – All Items
Fees Table 2016 – Baptisms & Marriages
Fees Table 2016 – Funerals, Burials & Monuments

Further information is available from the Annual Stipends Letter


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