Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Parish Share by Deanery

For parish share calculations relating to the current year and next year, and also the latest monthly parish share collection analysis, please click on the individual deanery links that appear in the right-hand menu bar.

Fuller details about how the Parish Share Scheme works can be found here . A brief summary leaflet, explaining the calculation method, can be found here.

Parish Share 2023

The confirmed figures for 2023, including stipend contributions for this year, are now available. These take into account the latest known staffing changes for 2021 and also Pastoral Aid Support Grants approved by the Parish Shares and Grants Committee at the beginning of December 2020. Parishes may like to note the following information when considering parish budgets for 2023:

  • Standard 2023 Stipend Contribution per incumbent (in post):
    • £36,111 p.a.
    • (2022 £ 35,954 p.a.)
  • A Stipend Contribution in vacancy is set at 80% of the standard contribution rate ruling throughout the vacancy period.

The Ministry Support Contribution (MSC) part of the 2022 parish share calculation is subject to an overall cap. For 2023 this has been pegged to an increase of not greater than 3.5% and a decrease of not greater than 0.5% of the 2022 level. Calculations have been made to ensure that where there are changes in parish share factor, as a result of the review in 2023, the impact is not negated by the moderation.

Pastoral Aid Support grants 2023

The figures for 2023 include both the Mission Aided Grants and the Pastoral Aid Support Grants for 2023 agreed at the meeting of the Diocesan Parish Shares and Grants Committee in November 2022.

The Committee distinguishes between:

  • Grants to parishes which need additional support to maintain an appropriate level of ministry, which the Board of Finance describes as “mission aided parishes” and,
  • Grants to parishes facing exceptional and unforeseen difficulties.

A limited number of grants are awarded to parishes in the first category where longer-term support is needed, and these are the subject of discussions between the Archdeacon, Rural Dean and Deanery Lay Chair. These discussions are initiated by the Archdeacon concerned, and not by the receipt of a grant application from the parish concerned.

Grants in the second category are awarded on the understanding that they are given to provide temporary support and therefore will not usually be awarded for more than two years in succession.  Further information is available here.

Writing off of past shortfalls

A number of  “write-off” of parish share amounts (“shortfalls“) of three years and older recommended by Deaneries were approved by the Parish Shares and Grants Committee at it’s December meeting.


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