Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

General Synod Elections 2021-2026

The General Synod elections are now concluded and those elected are as follows:

General Synod Election Results

Proctors in Convocation:
The Revd Canon Dr Tim Bull
The Revd Canon Kevin Goss
The Revd Jonathan Stevens
The Revd Rachel Wakefield
The Revd Dr Nicholas Weir

House of Laity:
Canon Peter Adams
Mrs Sheila Bissell
Mr Tim Fleming
Mr Benjamin John
Ms Rebecca Mynett

The full returns of results and results sheets can be viewed at the links below:

GS Clergy election results St Albans
Results Sheet – Election of Proctors in Convocation

GS Laity election results St Albans
Results Sheet – Election of Members of the House of Laity


Clergy Candidate Election Addresses

The Rev'd Richard Brown (candidate withdrawn)
The Rev'd Canon Dr Tim Bull
The Rev'd Christopher Bunce
The Rev'd John Chitham
The Rev'd Anne Crosby
The Rev'd Kaushal David
The Rev'd Paul Davies
The Rev'd Canon Kevin Goss
The Rev'd Canon David Hall
The Rev'd Jairo Nyaongo
The Rev'd Jonathan Stevens
The Rev'd Rachel Wakefield
The Rev'd Dr Nick Weir
The Rev'd Canon Teresa Wynne

Lay Candidate Election Addresses

Canon Peter Adams
Mr Anthony Archer
Dr Joan Bailey
Mrs Sheila Ann Bissell
Sir Timothy Clifford
Mr Tim Fleming
Mr Brian Garner
Ms Frances Holmes
Mr Will Horwood
Mr Ben John
Dr Jacob Kurien
Ms Rebecca Mynett
Miss Vuyelwa Nkomo
Mr David Roberts
Mr Bill Seddon
Mr Anderson Wade


Please note that Fr Richard Brown has informed the presiding officer that he wishes to withdraw from the election. If an elector chooses Fr Richard Brown as his or her first preference, the presiding officer will cause that first preference vote to be transferred to the elector’s second preference as if that were the original vote. If an elector records no subsequent preferences after Fr Richard Brown, the vote will be set aside. For more information, see rule 3(3) of the STV Rules which are available here.

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