Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Holy Trinity Church, Biscot, will remain open under proposals

St Albans Diocese’s plans for the future of the parish of Holy Trinity, Biscot, are currently open for public consultation, but Peter Adams, Lay Chair of Luton Deanery, is concerned that the public understand the plans correctly.

“Under the plans, the church will remain open, but will become attached to the neighbouring parish, St Augustine Limbury as a daughter church. These two church buildings  were originally part of one parish. Holy Trinity will therefore remain a beacon of unity and hope in its neighbourhood containing the memorials and memories of significant moments in the lives of people in Biscot.

“The main thrust of the proposals is to the parish system in Luton, which will continue to ensure that there is a worshipping community in every part of the diocese across different traditions and styles of Christian worship while allocating scarce resources carefully and to best effect.”

“The proposals if adopted, will see part of the geographical parish of Holy Trinity become part of St Augustine’s Limbury, part go to Holy Cross, Marsh Farm and part to St Andrew’s Luton. Retaining Holy Trinity Church as a centre of worship will mean that there will continue to be worship in that building. If eventually approved, the proposals will have implications for the present Vicar, whose post will become redundant and who will be provided for under the generous terms of the church’s legal provisions.”

The proposals in place have involved discussion by all relevant groups, including the congregation of Holy Trinity, Biscot.

Paul Hammond, Chair of the Luton Heritage forum said: ” “As the Chair of Luton’s Heritage Forum, I am pleased to see that these proposals retain the building in its current usage as a place of worship. Luton’s churches are important heritage sites that have been the focus of community over centuries and as such is associated with many important artefacts and historical records. The Anglican Church is well represented on the Forum and takes an active interest in preserving all significant buildings within the town – churches included.”

The proposals are now available for wider consultation through public notice.   If you wish to respond, please look further at the papers at where you will find details of the proposals and the contact details for response.



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