Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Parish of Luton, St Anne with St Christopher
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Luton, St Anne with St Christopher

Luton, St Anne with St Christopher



MAP Dates

This MAP was uploaded to the website on
1st May 2021

Our MAP will be reviewed next
2nd May 2022


What progress are you celebrating since your previous MAP?

in the past year we have made positive progress on our Mission Action plan in four of the
five identified.
We wanted to have an accessible prayer group. We now have created a WhatsApp
prayer group which is advertised on the back of the parish prayer for mission bookmark.
We have changed our existing prayer group into a prayer meeting and have adjusted the
time and leadership with a view to enabling this group to become more accessible to the
wider community.
We wanted to install and effectively use technology to enhance worship and community
engagement. We have installed an AV system at St Anne’s, we have internet access in
both churches use WhatsApp for the prayer group and some communication within
parish groups. We use A Church Near You and have developed an active Facebook
page. We have begun to look at establishing a website.
We wanted to support each other to share the Christian faith. During the notices
congregation members are invited to share with one another where they have seen God
at work, these times are noted on coloured tags which are then displayed in that church
to encourage others. We have also established a monthly House Group. Thursday is the
designated day of learning in the parish. Business meetings are held on Tuesday
evenings, learning on Thursday and missional planning on Friday.
We wanted to ensure that our social events are accessible to the community. That such
events are planned, publicised, and local community are invited to attend. We have
developed a more coherent patten of parish planning, thus removing overlaps. Parish
events are planned for the year and advertised on a yearly diary. Individual events are
supported with the use of posters, flyers and online promotion. Some events have been
boosted in Facebook to reach targeted audiences.

How far did you meet your previous priorities?
(1 star = Not at all → 10 stars = Done)

8 stars

Where has there been less progress than hoped for?

We hoped to host informal singing for enjoyment – looking in the past year for a leader to
co-ordinate this activity. We knew this leader would need to come from outside of the
existing church community. We have been unable to find anyone with the capacity and
enthusiasm for this venture. We have continued to sing Christmas Carols around the
parish. This year, we were invited into our only pub to sing carols, which gave us some
We have decided to change our focus and to concentrate on congregational singing as a
stepping stone to singing with and in our community. We will continue to sing Christmas
carols around the parish.


What is the vision for your Church, Parish, Team Ministry or Benefice?

As a Christian community of faith we seek to create a place for our neighbours to
encounter God and to grow into the people God knows them to be.
As we become more mission focussed, we seek to deepen our relationship with God,
enable others to get to know God and to transform both our church community and our
neighbourhood into a loving fellowship of God’s people.


What are the core values for your Church, Parish, Team Ministry or Benefice?

We are an inclusive church, a sacramental people who aspire to have prayer at the heart
of all we do.
Our new Parish Mission statement is: Go Love, Pray, Serve ,Share

1st Priority

What is your 1st Priority to make your vision a reality?

Prayer will be at the heart of everything we as the Christian community of faith in this
place undertake.

Which of the 3 strands of Living God’s Love does your 1st Priority most focus on?
Going deeper into God

SMART Goal to achieve your 1st Priority

To pray before every event and the start of every group meeting
1. The leadership of all activities lead a time of prayer with the team before the activity
2. A member of the Mission Action Planning (MAP) group will meet with the group leader
to discuss and write a prayer suitable for that group. Introducing and encouraging the
group leader to use the group specific prayer at every meeting.
3. Mission group use the agreed prayer and create prayer cards which include images
from the mission statement to be ready for the time when groups begin to meet.
4. After 6 meetings the group leader to share with the MAP group the progress made,
identifying any necessary alterations.
5. Repeat process to further develop the use of prayer before/during/end of all church
Increase numbers in WhatsApp Prayer group
1. The WhatsApp prayer group to increase from 15 participants to 30 by Advent 2021
2. Current members of the prayer group invite others to join.
3.WhatsApp prayer group to be advertised on newsletters, Facebook page and in
Church service notices.
Create a life giving sustainable model of communal prayer
1. Ensure the weekly pattern of communal prayer time is widely accessible
2. Vary times and days and monitor engagement making changes as deemed necessary
3. Advertise the times and days when the Daily Offices are publicly prayed
4.We pray together- the latest branding of the weekly prayer meeting
5. Sunday afternoon time of prayer – a different way of praying each Sunday on a
monthly cycle (six month pilot agreed by the PCC)
6. Ministry Team to evaluate the impact of the variety of times and ways of accessing
prayer, making changes as needed.

2nd Priority

What 2nd Priority are you working on to make your vision a reality?

Parish Events are fun, engaging, enable faith to grow and seek to raise funds. Events
are designed to meet the needs of the following groups of people, the Church
community, church community + and or our local neighbourhood.

Which of the 3 strands of Living God’s Love does your 2nd Priority most focus on?
Transforming Communities

SMART Goal to achieve your 2nd Priority

Parish Events
1. Parish and the Events Planning Group spend time in prayer before, during and after
planning the events programme
2. Events Planning Group- determine which group of people the event is for and identify
the purpose of the event. Delegate someone to advertise the event to the correct
group of people
3. Evaluate each event and use this learning for future planning. Pray for the event and
the people who have attended.

3rd Priority

What 3rd Priority are you working on to make your vision a reality?

Have an established programme of learning available to seekers, enquirers, returnees
and existing congregation members to support their journey of faith

These priorities focus on both Going Deeper into God and Making New Disciples.

Which of the 3 strands of Living God’s Love does your 3rd Priority most focus on?
Going deeper into God

SMART Goal to achieve your 3rd Priority

Programme of Learning
1. Prayerfully create an annual programme of learning, suitable for all stages of the faith.
Continuer to offer the annual Advent and Lent Courses. Establish the running of the
Start Course, offering the Moving On Course annually. To continue to offer annually
the Discipleship Course and continue to develop the now weekly House Group,
multiplying as numbers increase
2. Revd Anne and Dianne Scott to initially lead these courses while developing the
confidence of individuals to lead one of sessions, by Advent 2021, with the aim of
ultimately leading courses.
3. Evaluate each course as it progresses and make any necessary adjustments. Use
this learning to inform the planning for the next course/year.

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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities