Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Foundations / Lay Ministry Course

God calls and gifts all his people for different ministries in his kingdom.  Some are called to take leading roles in particular areas of ministry in their local churches.  In the diocese of St Albans we believe that it is important to recognise and  nurture these gifts by training people to be equipped for these particular ministries, in order that our churches may grow spiritually, missionally and numerically.

Foundations is a non-accredited course delivered by the Eastern Region Ministry Course (ERMC) and will begin in September 2020 and lasts 1 year with 3 termly modules covering:

  • The bible
  • Christian Beliefs
  • Practical Ministry

What is involved in the training?

The course is mainly delivered online so it can be accessed at the individual’s convenience.  Each module would involve 10 online sessions each lasting approximately 1 hour, and there would be roughly an hour’s additional work for each session.  Each module additionally involves either a written or spoken piece of work at the end of the module.

There are also 4 gathered evening sessions throughout the year.  

What are the ministries that this course leads to?

This is a standalone course leading to commissioned lay ministry:

  • Teaching the Faith (Discipleship Enablers)
  • Pastoral and Community Care (Pastoral Enablers)
  • Mission and Evangelism (Mission Enablers)

Whilst this is a standalone course, it is also one of 2 courses that act as prerequisite for Reader training, other than in cases that qualify for an exception as explained on the readers In Training page here.

Role descriptions

Discipleship Enablers: preaching, baptism & confirmation preparation, leading small groups, enabling others to be involved in baptism & confirmation preparation and small group leading

Pastoral Enablers: pastoral visiting, working with others to identify and implement ways the church can pastorally serve the needs of the local community including social action, enabling others to be involved in pastoral visiting, pastorally serving the local community and social action.

Mission Enablers: evangelistic work, working with others to develop mission strategies in line with the parish’s Mission Action Plan (MAP), enabling others to evangelise and be involved in mission.


In order to receive the letter of permission from the bishop to enable commissioning as an Enabler, those who successfully complete this course will also be required to complete the online Safeguarding courses C0 and C1, and the classroom based training C2 (leadership). We also recommend that parishes consider a basic disclosure for those on the LLW course/commissioned as LLWs. Information on basic disclosures can be found here: Safeguarding Newsletter Dec 2018

For those who have already completed and are up to date with C2 (deanery) safeguarding training due to another role in church then they won’t need to complete C2 (leadership).

Similarly, for those who, due to another role in church, already have an up to date DBS check, it would not be necessary to obtain a basic disclosure. However, if the DBS check expires and is not renewed due to the LLW no longer occupying the role that required it, then it is recommended that the parish considers obtaining a basic disclosure for the Enabler.

Enablers are required to keep up to date with safeguarding requirements. This means attending a refresher course for the highest required level of training, which is C2 (leadership). It is the parish’s responsibility to ensure that LLWs are up to date with their safeguarding requirements.


There is no course fee to take part in this training but your time and willingness to be involved in the mission of God.

Those who wish to enroll on this course should complete Form A and Form B and return these to by Tuesday 30 June 2020. Please note application forms will be sent out after Wednesday 1 July 2020.  After completion of the course the ministry agreement and review forms will be available for those commissioned for internal benefice use only.


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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities