Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Lay Leaders of Worship                      LayLeadersof Worship

Worship is at the heart of our Christian discipleship and witness, yet some churches across the Diocese do not hold a service every Sunday because they do not have licensed ministers to lead. In some churches circumstances require that services are held at different times each week. In other churches worship is led by lay people who feel ill-equipped or have little training.

This diocesan Scheme, which was piloted in Autumn 2014, is designed to address these concerns and to help make it possible for public worship to take place in every church every Sunday. It enables parishes across the Diocese to discern the gifts of lay people as local Lay Leaders of Worship (LLWs) and provides agreed training for them, on completion of which they receive a letter of permission from the Bishop recognising them as Lay Leaders of Worship in their parish church.

More information on Lay Leaders of Worship: areyoucalled

For more details please read the LLW Handbook. 

Applying for Lay Leaders of Worship

It is important that the priest and the PCC first agree the need for an LLW and that there is a shared sense of calling for the LLW to this ministry.  Applicants need to possess certain qualities and there is a significant time commitment as explained in the information leaflet and handbook above, so please read the handbook before proceeding. There are two forms necessary to register for this scheme – Form A – Personal request to train as an LLW and Form B – Parish request to train an LLW. Form A is completed by the applicant and Form B by the parish priest.  If possible please submit these online to The Revd Phil Bryson, Lay Ministry Officer at

Training for LLWs includes six introductory sessions which take place over two Saturdays. The next course will take place in 2019.


Training Resources for Lay Leaders of Worship Course 2017

(All resources are available below in Word documents and can be submitted electronically if you prefer.)


Part 1: Course in Principles and Practicalities: Reflections for Participants :

Session One:

Session Two:

Session Three:

Session Four:

Session Five:

Session Six – Morning/Evening Prayer and Session Six – Leading All Age Worship.

Part 2: The Practical Elements

Guided Reflection on an Act of Worship (Complete one for each of two assignments)

Worship Leading Feedback form (Need at least one feedback form for each of the two assignments)

Part 3: Reading

Required Reading Form


Sixth Session Selection Form

Submitting Assignments Form


 Additional Docucross_biblements for LLWs

Commissioning Liturgy

Annual Review Form

Third Year Review Form


An Order of Morning/Evening Prayer for use by Churchwardens and Lay Leaders of Worship


MP and EP in absence of clergy – June 2016

MP and EP in absence of clergy – Guidance notes June 2016


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