Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Title Posts 2021

Should you receive a curate, please ensure you are free to attend the residential training course for Training Incumbents on 27-28 April 2021 at High Leigh. Whether you are a new or seasoned TI, the course is mandatory: feedback from those who have attended in the past is consistently positive, particularly in terms of the collegiate and refresher element, as well as taking time to consider the uniqueness of your curate.

You will also need to attend the Ordination rehearsal at St Albans Abbey at 1.30pm on 24 June 2021.  The Ordination of Deacons will be at 11.15am on Sunday 27 June 2021, and the Ordination of Priests at 4.00pm on Saturday 26 June 2021.

There will also be a mandatory Training Incumbent and Curate Conference on 10 July 2021 at the Rufus Centre, Flitwick.

Please note that the deadline for applications to receive a stipendiary curate in 2021 will be 28 February 2020 and all expressions of interest must have been received before 13 December 2019.

The information required for application for a stipendiary curate in 2021 is below.  Please note that if you are interested in receiving a self-supporting curate the process is different and you do not need to complete this paperwork at this stage.

Please return all forms to Barbara Young Email Barbara or call her on 07884 736 546 if you have queries about the application process.

For general enquiries about the process please contact The Revd Canon Dr Quentin Chandler, Diocesan Director of Ordinands. Email Quentin.

Forms to be returned before 13 December 2019

Expression of interest 2021 cover letter

Criteria for a Training Post and Training Incumbent 2021

Expressions of Interest 2021 Form

Finance Details and Curate Housing 2021


To be returned before 28 February 2020.

Parish Profile for Training Parishes 2021

Please also enclose a copy of the Summary of your MAP and a covering letter signed by yourself and your churchwardens stating that you have discussed the papers and that you comply with the criteria.

For enquiries about curacy training please contact the Officer for IME Phase 2, The Revd James Webster.  Email James Webster

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