Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Mission & Pastoral Executive Committee

At the Diocesan Synod meeting of 16th June 2018 it was agreed that the DMPC should be brought to an end with its functions redistributed as follows:

  1. Statutory Responsibilities – The Bishop’s Council would act as the DMPC and would deal with DMPC matters within the Bishop’s Council agenda. In addition, an executive would be appointed to carry out the detailed work which would be ratified by the Bishop’s Council.
  2. Deanery MAPs – These would be developed and scrutinised through an archdeaconry-based peer learning model. Proposed pastoral re-arrangements would be considered further by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Bishop’s Council.  Deanery Plans would also go to the Board for Mission and Ministry to ensure sharing of mission priorities.
  3. Mission Stories – A mission story of good practice regularly to be included on Diocesan Synod Agendas.

The functions of the newly formed Executive Committee are as follows:

  • Considering/developing proposals for pastoral re-organisation and first-stage consultation
  • Identifying options for pastoral re-organisation arising from deanery MAPs
  • Vacancies and suspensions
  • Local Ecumenical Partnerships
  • Development of local [area] mission partnerships (LGL 2020)
  • Identification & support of Fresh Expressions and new worshipping communities
  • Sharing good practice (LGL 2020)
  • Casework under the Church Representation Rules [e.g. Team Council Constitutions – currently dealt with directly by the Bishop’s Council]
  • Some delegated functions from Bishop’s Council as DMPC to act between Bishop’s Council meetings


Chair: The Bishop of Bedford

Ex-Officio: The Bishop of Bedford, The Archdeacon of St Albans, The Archdeacon of Bedford, The Archdeacon of Hertford


from the Property Committee of the DBF – The Rev’d K Woolmer

from the Archdeaconry of St Albans – Mr J May
from the Archdeaconry of Bedford – Mrs P Humber
from the Archdeaconry of Hertford – Canon R Osborn

for the triennium 2022-2024 it has been agreed that three lay chairs will sit on the Committee, in the absence of any nomination from a Rural Dean.

DMPC Executive Committee Constitution

Dates of Meetings in 2023:

Thursday 23 February
Thursday 27 April
Thursday 22 June
Thursday 28 September
Thursday 7 December

DMPC Executive Committee meetings start at 11.30 am.

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