Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
SeeRound Online March 2017 Issue 2

Pray your own way, that people come to know Jesus Christ

From Ascension to Pentecost, Thy Kingdom Come Join the global wave of prayer 25th May - 4th June 2017

You can now download a leaflet from the ebundle telling you all about how to join in with a wave of prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost, for people to come to know Jesus Christ.

In 2016, there was an overwhelming response not just in this country but around the world.

The two Archbishops’ vision for this year is that 80% of Church of England churches and cathedrals will take part.

There are four simple ways to take part in Thy Kingdom Come;

Ascension Day
Hold a breakfast prayer event.

Sign up on to receive information and to be prompted when new resources are available. There is already a good selection of material online, include a home pack which includes bright ideas for families to pray together at home.

Pray for five people to come to know Christ each day at 5pm. Remind yourself by knotting a shoelace or other item five times and wearing it round your wrist.

Beacon Event
There is a Beacon event being planned for Pentecost Sunday June 4th at 6:30 pm in St Albans Cathedral. Watch out for details and come and join in.

Thy Kingdom Come: it’s not an Anglican thing, it’s a Christian thing!

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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities

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