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SeeRound Online April 2017

Standing in solidarity in Luton

People gathered outside Luton Town Hall

Following the atrocity in Westminster on Wednesday 22nd March, Grassroots and the Luton Council of Faiths were among the many people and groups to hold public demonstrations, prayer meetings and other gatherings of solidarity to show unity. They did this to stand against division and “to strengthen the collective hope that lies in our shared humanity.”

People gathered outside Luton Town Hall. They came together, deeply shocked, saddened and grieved by the cowardly and depraved terror attack.

Ordinary people of all faiths and other beliefs came. Civic and Community leaders came, including the Mayor of Luton, Cllr Tahir Khan and the Chair of the Luton Council of Faiths, Zaffar Khan. Senior Police came.

In a joint statement issued before the vigil, Grassroots and the Luton Council of Faiths said:

“It has left the painful scar on Londoners, the entire country and many citizens of the world who were visiting our spectacular city, London.

Those who share similar evil & extremist ideologies, for their gains, will take advantage of such incidents to drive communities further apart.

As people from different faiths and cultures in Luton, we will not be driven apart. We commit to stay united by our common humanity and work for the common good while condemning such evil acts in strongest terms.

Our message is loud and clear – hate mongers, extremists and terrorists have no place in our civil and democratic society. We should all be united and vigilant towards such evildoers and support one another.”

During the vigil, Chair of the Luton Council of Faiths, Zaffar Khan applauded and commended the reaction of the public and community leaders across the country for their  striking a note of communities standing together against such atrocities.

Luton Speakers

L to R: David Jonathan, Grassroots and the Mayor of Luton, Tahir Khan; Peter Adams St Mary’s Church; the Revd Bonnie Evans- Hills, Diocesan Inter Faith Adviser Rehana Faisal, Luton and Sunni Council of Mosques; Chief Superintendent Dave Boyle; Imam Allama Hafiz Ejaz Ahmed, Luton central Mosque


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