Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
SeeRound Online Sept 2017

Maulden’s Children’s Corner draws families’ attention

Bishop Richard wearing his rosette and seated in St Mary’s children’s corner

The numbers of children attending monthly family services at St Mary the Virgin, Maulden, is increasing! The church held a holiday club over the summer and plans to introduce Messy Church in the autumn.

This year there has been a huge increase in the number of Baptisms. So far for 2017 there are 23 arranged – well up on the previous ten each year.

Bishop Richard came to preach at the Patronal Festival, Maulden’s Children’s Corner draws families’ attention during August. There were 19 children at the service and 80 adults. The children gave the Bishop a rosette, which reads “No 1 Bishop of Bedford” (reminds me of how my father used to call me his favourite son – I was the only one! Ed). Bishop Richard is pictured above wearing his rosette and seated in St Mary’s children’s corner. The teddy bear was dressed as a Vicar as he is affectionately known as “Father Ted”.

The Meaningful Treat Box – A Real Halloween Treat

The Meaningful Treat Box

The Meaningful Treat Pack is a new resource designed to help with mission work on, and leading up to, the eve of All Saints (Halloween). It is suitable for Light Parties, outreach events, schools or for children who call to trick or treat on 31st October.

Inside each pack there is a bag of Fairtrade chocolate buttons and a Challenge Activity Poster. The poster has eight challenges including a quiz, maze, word game, a call to buy Fairtrade, a prayer suggestion, a national competition with a prize, and a challenge to treat someone less well off by donating to a children’s charity.

Produced by The Meaningful Chocolate Company, each box costs £30 (there are 30 packs per box – £1 per pack). Each box also includes an ideas sheet for leaders. There is free delivery if ordered by September 30th. Visit

David Marshall, from Meaningful Chocolate, explains;

“Quite often people feel that there has to be more to Halloween than dressing kids up as serial killers or monsters. The Meaningful Treat box is a way for adults to challenge kids to look at the good in the world, to do a bit of good by giving to a charity and to enjoy some great Fairtrade chocolate. It’s a chance for 5-11 year olds to shine this Halloween.”

“The word Halloween means ‘The night before All Saints Day’. All Saints Day is a time when we celebrate saints: they are a special kind of hero. We also remember friends and family members. It’s the time when we celebrate good winning over bad and light over darkness. We also think it’s a chance to show love to others.”

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