Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
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Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal highlights waste, poverty and matched giving

Aluel, South Sudan Christian Aid

Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal is for children and families in South Sudan and Burkina Faso. The appeal benefits from £2.7m matched funding from HM Government.

At the same time, Christian Aid has quantified the significant amount of food wasted or thrown away at Christmas time in the UK and has produced a humourous song about it called, ‘Oh What a Waste’. Sung to the tune of ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, its lyrics are:

Every year at Christmas the UK throws away: 12 million carrots
11 million roasties
10 million parsnips
9 million boats of gravy
8 million balls of stuffng
70 million mince pies
6 million jars of cranberry
Ooooooo… what… a… waste
4 million puddings
So many sprouts
2 million turkeys
And they’re all at the bottom of the bin.

The suggestion is that £10 from our Christmas shop donated to help fight famine and hunger will reduce the amount of waste, because it will reduce the amount of overbuying we do.

In stark contrast, earlier this year, famine was declared in parts of South Sudan: the first time it was declared anywhere in six years. More than three years of conflict had displaced nearly 4 million people, disrupting harvests and leading to devastating food shortages.

Although the famine was averted, the crisis in South Sudan has reached unprecedented levels – nearly 6 million people are facing severe food insecurity. If left untreated, acute malnutrition – the most extreme form of food crisis – can lead to death.

Aluel, pictured above, used to run a small business selling tea and bread at her local market, which provided enough money to feed her family. As the situation in South Sudan deteriorated, inflation rose to 800%, meaning her earnings could no longer buy enough food to put on the table.

Christian Aid partner organisation SPEDP (Support for Peace and Education and Development Programme) is providing cash vouchers to people, like Aluel, struggling with acute malnutrition in South Sudan, so they can buy essential food in local markets to help their families recover.

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