Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
SeeRound Online March 2018

Lent: time to act on Modern Slavery?

We See You. The Clewer Initiative

The extent of modern slavery across the world is staggering. It is expected to involve over 40 million people, at least 13,000 in the UK. It’s difficult to count accurately, so that is likely to be a figure which rises, possibly by several times.

During Lent, these figures might certainly be cause for reflection and prayer, but, thanks to the Clewer Initiative, there are also positive steps we can take to bring the end of modern day slavery closer.

Weekly Challenge
The Clewer Initiative is seeking to harness the strength of the local church – people on the ground in every community – to identify where there might be instances of modern slavery taking place under our noses.

There’s still time to sign up to the week-by-week challenge which highlights industries providing goods and services which are affected by modern slavery. There is material for reflection as well as suggested actions we can take.

More, and how to sign up, here:

Local Training Workshop – 25th March
Part of the Clewer Initiative’s approach is to raise awareness in the local church about modern slavery, how to recognise it’s signs, when to alert the authorities and what other support the church can offer.

The Revd Kevin Woolmer

The Revd Kevin Woolmer

The Diocese of St Albans’ Modern Slavery Action Co-ordinator, the Revd Kelvin Woolmer has arranged a number of workshops on recognising Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in the Diocese. A workshop will take place at St Peter’s Church, St Albans on Sunday 25th March 2018, 3:00-4:30 pm. It will be led by Ruth Dearnley, CEO of ‘Stop the Traffik’

Ruth says:

“You can’t stop what you can’t see. Have you wondered what human trafficking looks like? All are welcome to this training workshop for anyone who believes that communities are the power to be the change. Come and learn what human trafficking is, how it affects us and what we can do about it. There are many great anti-slavery/human trafficking initiatives happening across the diocese. We are providing a place to learn more so as to engage and collaborate with others and imagine new ways of shining a light on this crime in our communities.”

The Revd Kevin Woolmer features in this month’s Clewer Initiative newsletter. He says:

“What we’re talking about is the dignity of individuals and the church is about the freedom of people to live and worship as they please. We respect and love our neighbour as ourselves and these people are our neighbours. The role of the church is as a major caring organisation – we say that we care about people, these are people we should care about.”

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