Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
SeeRound Online Oct 2018

Christingle is 50 this year!

Christingle service

2018 marks 50 years since The Children’s Society brought Christingle to this country.

For 50 years, the money raised from Christingle collections have helped The Children’s Society to support more than a million children and young people.

A further million are living with a range of serious issues in their lives, including violence, abuse, neglect and poverty. Many feel alone and have no one to turn to this Christmas. Can we mark the anniversary and help the Children’s Society support these vulnerable young people and work to ensure that they have their first Christmas full of hope and free from fear?

There is a range of resources available at:
or call 0300 300 7000.

Celebrate Christingle with a brand new song, commissioned for the 50th anniversary: Light a Candle. Composed exclusively for The Children’s Society by Louise Drewett, a young composer currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music, with words specially written by up-and-coming poet Clare Shaw, the song is the perfect way for a school choir, amateur singing group, professional, cathedral or church choir, to raise their voices in celebration of Christingle’s anniversary.

Download the score and piano accompaniment from the Children’s Society’s website and be part of The Children’s Society’s special 50th Christingle celebration.

Funding Syrian needs on two wheels or in four-part harmony

Herts Welcomes Syrian Families

The Revd David Munchin’s cycle ride to Rome, featured in last month’s SeeRound Online, has ended successfully. This unusual mode of long-distance travel has not only taken him to the place where he will spend his sabbatical, but is also raising funds for Herts Welcomes Syrian Families.

Having already exceeded his original target of £2500, by almost 50%, David is keen to see if it can be doubled. You can donate here: and can read more about Herts Welcomes Syrian Families here:

Singing for Syrians

If over four month’s daily cycle commuting in one go is not your cup of tea, there is another way to to raise money for Syrian families this autumn.

Singing for Syrians is raising money for people suffering in the war-torn area of Idleb in Syria.

A nationwide campaign chaired by Victoria Prentis, MP, it received the support of over 80 schools, choirs, churches and bands, communities and individuals last December. they held events attended by over 10,000 people, together raising £134,000.

Hands Up Foundation

This money went towards the projects funded by the Hands Up Foundation, including paying wages for doctors in rural-southern Aleppo, funding a prosthetic limb clinic, and running medical training programmes in Idleb, where the situation grows more severe by the day, as thousands of newly displaced people arrive every day.

Set up by four friends with personal experience of Syria, ‘to whom Syria means the noise, colour and scent of spice souks, the birthplace of modern civilisation and the definition of hospitality.’ United by a sense of sadness at the conflict, they want to remind Syrians that they have not been forgotten. Singing for Syrians takes great pains to know exactly where the money goes in Syria.

More at:

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