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Faith Pictures

A fresh way to talk about things that matter! A course that helps you talk with friends, family members, work colleagues about what you believe.  The course suggests identifying with… Read more »

Jubilee economics

Throughout Jesus’ recorded ministry we hear parables, stories and actions which challenge the authority of people in power – many of these stories concern what today we call ‘economics’. Jubilee… Read more »

Rural Strategy Advisory Group (RUSTAG)

Key objectives that the Rural Strategy Advisory Group (RUSTAG) work towards include: Developing sector ministry for rural communities Training and awareness for rural ministry Campaigning for support of local services… Read more »

Ministry of Welcome – Course

  The aim of this course is to give you a basic foundation on which to build your own Ministry of Welcome team(s).  The course is completely stand-alone and suitable… Read more »

Experience Journeys

  Produced by Jumping Fish Ltd, Diocese of Gloucester Resource Centre – ‘Experience Journeys’ – this dvd suggests interactive ways for churches to share the major festivals of the Church… Read more »

Sharing Faith the Jesus Way

  “A wise and generous exploration of evangelism begins with the truth and exploring how Jesus responded differently to individuals according to their needs and the state of their lives… Read more »

Jesus through Asian eyes

  For many people, western culture is intertwined with Christianity. So how do South Asians present their case? A new booklet entitled ‘Jesus through Asian eyes – 15 frequently asked… Read more »